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Sharing one great big album


Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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Sharing one great big album

31 Dec 2021 8:49AM   Views : 486 Unique : 302


Thanks to Kath for this idea for a blog.

Long ago and almost in another universe I used to paste my pictures into albums and scrapbooks: most people did. After every holiday the work four or five envelopes of enprints, or if you were lucky there was a slide show in a darkened room when nobody could see you yawn.

When our children were small I started using colour print film so that we had something to pass round friends and family: for a while Mrs. D put them into albums, but latterly she sorted them into file card boxes instead. There are quite a lot of those round the house…

What do you do now? I’ve got a printer, but really it’s set up for large prints, and the odd six by four is actually fairly difficult to produce. After holidays we often get a bulk printing order so that the per-print cost is acceptably low – the problem is selecting files for printing!

I’ve realized a few years ago that my children avoid the slide show and the pile of prints: as they enjoy holidays and socialise they upload their snaps to Facebook, and friends and family cannot choose what to look at and when. They can follow things as they happen, or they can ignore most of what goes on. Holiday snaps are less likely to get in the way or friendship these days, I think.

And the iPad has meant that a whole generation of women (mainly) who have all relied on others to take pictures have been able to take and share pictures very freely. For every time I’ve posted a picture of a candle on the mantelpiece Mrs. D has posted four!

And Facebook may outlast quite a lot of us, so there’s a question mark over the usefulness of getting prints and putting them in a book. But there is still something extra about hardcopy. It’s there, and you can pass it around or leave it on a table at a family gathering, a christening or indeed a funeral. It can be a talking point in a way that a screen can never be.

So I offer you a new year’s resolution: at least once a month, make or get a few prints, by some sort of album, and stick them in. Maybe, even, make a few notes by them just in case distant grandchildren wonder who it was that you thought was worth photographing in the middle of the street wearing a traffic cone instead of underpants.


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dudler Avatar
dudler Plus
20 2.1k 2048 England
31 Dec 2021 8:50AM
I thought of adding a screengrab from that social media site. And then I realised that you'll all know it anyway. But do you spend more time on there than you do on EPZ? That could be a second resolution for 2022...
Imageryonly Avatar
Imageryonly Plus
3 203 11 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2021 12:34PM
To me, the job is not complete until the image is printed, so, like you the house is fairly full of
Photograph binders, lightproof negative albums and framed memories.
Boxes of printed images fill shelves.
Most of this is of no value except to myself and close family, mostly a record of changing
times and the things we enjoy, not all good images, but usable.
Personally I use Social Media very little, just to keep up with family abroad, so 5 mins a day
is my norm, so any comment irrelevant.
Happy New year to you and the family,
PaulCox Avatar
31 Dec 2021 4:43PM
Thank you for some great Blogs in 2021, May they continue in 2022, and have a Happy New Year. Paul.
cooky Avatar
cooky Plus
19 7 11 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2021 5:56PM
Ha ha John! Incidental comment and a really good blog. I'm not on any form of Social Media - I spend time with family and friends and of course on EPZ.

Good idea to print out and label up some images as I am now struggling with great, great uncle etc pictures that I've inherited. Still do print some family photos out but I do rather like an onscreen slideshow! Will be leaving an external hard drive of memories rather than lots of albums!

I am bringing down some old photos tonight to look through, do you think that old tradition of your Mum sharing horrendous childhood photos has now phased out? Maybe the posting on Facebook has become that instant image gratification.

I am joining Paul in thanking you for all great 2021 Blogs - long may you continue.

JuBarney Avatar
JuBarney Plus
12 36 7 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2021 6:47PM
EPZ winds hands down, and a great idea to print more images.
Robert51 Avatar
Robert51 14 12 147 United Kingdom
31 Dec 2021 7:38PM
Over the years John I have have followed much the same line. Even did a bit on YouTube under nwrem50. They are still there and with a pair of headphones I still enjoy them. One being the making of the bbc Emma and one of big cats. Most were done for RSPB images posted at the time, no matter how good or bad they were.
Now I have photobooks made up. I used My Picture for the photo books and also a canvas done lately with both turning out really well. These are mainly of family events that can be passed on when I end up in that darkroom in the sky, heaven (let's hope).
Prints have a way of staying around one way or another. This can't be said for a digital image.
Happy new year John and always remember your best image will always be the next one...
gpimages Avatar
gpimages Plus
13 82 4 England
1 Jan 2022 9:03AM
Good subject John and timely for the start of the year. Having moved around quite a bit over the years we always have some fun and a rewind to some special times when we dig out the old photos.

Thank you for your blogs over the year and your time that you give to EPZ.

Have a great 2022!

Graham Wink

waltknox Avatar
2 Jan 2022 6:19AM
Great blog John …Printed images are still a very valuable form of backing up your treasured photos …old digital files of all sorts have begun disappearing for some time now causing great consternation in universities and medical institutions. Do not leave your photographic treasures in the hands of iCloud like storage systems only …they may not be there in 10 years time when you want to pass them on and that is the only record you have kept of them. Print some indeed
Best regards

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