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Time for an update: I still use film, though. Not vast quantities, but I have a darkroom, and I'm not afraid to use it.

I enjoy every image I take: I hope you'll enjoy looking at them.
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dudler's Portfolio.




27 Sep 2020 1:49PM
Hi John,
Thanks for your article on bridges. Apart from trains, a particular favourite to photograph. I was at Newcastle University in the mid 70s and the Tyne crossings started my admiration of bridges. Your article brought back good memories, and useful tips of course. As an oars man, I remember racing through the Elvet Bridge at Durham Regatta. If the other crew were ahead, one hoped the opposition's Cox misjudged the gap!
Manas 10 India
20 Oct 2018 10:06AM
Exemplary beautiful.....
Azteca 7 Mexico
13 May 2018 3:49PM
Mil gracias por tu opinión a mi foto, muy constructiva.
Me di cuenta de la cantidad de elementos en la toma pero por algún motivo me agrado saturar con tantos elementos, pero tu opinión es muy correcta.
Aproveche para visitar tu galería, es fantástica la seguiré con detenimiento.
Aeros 3 12 1 Canada
5 Apr 2018 4:29PM
Thanks for sharing this wonderful portrait with us John. You say she is Russian and a dancer. It seems to me that Russians are very much how Churchill described, "An enigma wrapped in a riddle" I became to realise this from having so many Russian friends. They are highly cultured and well educated and pure fun to be arround. I like this portrait a lot.
Squirrel 14 471 7 England
20 Jan 2018 10:10AM
I really enjoy your photography. It is such a mix and you are not afraid to experiment. Its inspiring.
regards Jacq
19 Jan 2018 7:17PM
your portfolio is interesting, your style is different, which begs us to look deeper------thank you for your constructive critique on my first image posted in some time-----I have posted the original and explained what and how and most importantly, why I did what I did to it----(excuse the spelling mistakes, my fingers are one step ahead of my brain)------will keep on posting----enjoy the site, don't know why I was absent for so long???Lynne Kelman
ach 4 United Kingdom
29 Jun 2017 4:37PM
Great pics love your style
FabioKeiner 8 111 1 Austria
4 Jan 2016 10:44AM
love your work - it's pure delight in many meanings
kuipje 7 3 Netherlands
30 Jun 2015 7:24PM
Hi John Just looked at your work (again) I must say that your pictures have such a style, high standard and perfection.
It's a joy to watch.
Bianca & Jos Reeuwijk
30 Dec 2014 6:15PM
Magnificent work !
Coen 8 5 South Africa
7 Dec 2014 2:03PM
Very nice Dud.
1 Nov 2014 11:59AM
awesome captures. I just love your photos.. they are lovely.
fotobee Plus
7 4 3 South Africa
7 Oct 2014 1:07PM
Very beautiful, sensitive and caring work. I love it! Regards Martin
1 Oct 2014 10:29PM
Thank you for the comments John, I like the composition of your mod
It gives a more balanced look.

IsabelC 7 51 10 Denmark
28 Aug 2014 3:58PM
I can nearly always tell on the main gallery when it is one of your photos and although I am not at all into people photography I can value the art and technical quality in your photos. A great portfolio!
28 Jul 2014 10:05PM
very nice work keep it up.

12 Jul 2014 9:52PM
Excellent set of images, keep up the good work.
Pollyjc Junior Member 7 5 England
21 Apr 2014 2:26PM
Hi! Thanks for your critique re my Rufford Robin, I really appreciate the time & input! Yes I agree that the crop could have been a bit tighter, I do like Pauls crop on the shot, I'm always a little too afraid of it going too far. Camera setting, Im blonde, maths...YUK! got to work more on this to improve.

Some nice shots in your portfolio!!
Chriscr 7 9 United Kingdom
6 Apr 2014 4:40PM
Superb collection of b and w photography.
SOUL7 7 1 United Kingdom
11 Mar 2014 11:19AM


23 Feb 2014 11:06AM
Very classy pictures with some beautiful models. Enjoying your work!
Bantu 7 7 1 India
10 Jan 2014 3:09PM
really fine profile.
Diggeo 8 13 Greece
28 Dec 2013 11:02AM
Not an expert in this kind of photography, but an impressive portfolio IMO!
23 Dec 2013 9:02PM
To my point of view this is an excellent work - the technique, models, posing etc.. I like that very much.
prabhusinha 13 5 5 India
30 Nov 2013 3:30AM
A B& W glamour too good
Tarrby 12 1 United Kingdom
11 Aug 2013 7:23AM
A great portfolio with some inspirational poses and lovely models. Excellent work.
Kim Walton 17 145 30 United Kingdom
9 Apr 2013 10:35AM
Nice work and nice to see some one embracing the high heels Sad but defiantly a portfolio worth looking at
Chinga Plus
10 3 2 United Kingdom
23 Mar 2013 12:44AM
Your images are done in good taste. Well seen. Good photography. IB
11 Feb 2013 9:16PM
Great portfolio. Something to aspire to Grin
28 Oct 2012 10:25AM
An inspirational portfolio. Well done.
CatLover Junior Member 8 11 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2012 5:15PM
These are great photos tastefully done! A reminder for me to continue working out at the gym! Grin
Andrew_Hurley 15 71 73 United Kingdom
7 Oct 2012 4:17PM
There is only one thing I dislike about your portfolio, coming to the end of it! Your nude shots have so much variety it's really refressing to see; There are no two shots the same.

Well done, keep up the excellent work that you do.

PCarman 8 2
11 Sep 2012 2:48PM
Very nice collection of photos , im just starting to get into this area and will draw inspiration from you.
jocneilson 14 2 United Kingdom
19 May 2012 9:27AM
Outstanding work. Yours JOC..
HuntedDragon 12 118 United Kingdom
7 May 2012 11:40PM
hmm, i see a slight problom, i end up stuck on your pages looking through lol..

good stuff.
GREAT Tone on all images wonderful PF
bagman 10 65 United States
21 Dec 2011 4:34AM
excellent gallery of nude photography. enjoyable work if you can do it.
wonderful p/f.
24 Oct 2011 8:12PM
Hi John, I do enjoy your pictures, lots of good images and a few great ones.
Keep up the good work.
beckas 17 5 1 United States
18 Oct 2011 1:49AM
John, your critique is always good, your comments always make me think, or make me smile, or even make me laugh. Thank you for being so thoughtful. You are a true friend.
11 Jul 2011 6:19PM
Thank to commenting my pictures.
You agree, when I was in London I worked many times on the camera club.
Wayniac 10 1 United Kingdom
6 May 2011 2:26PM
Tough job m8, but guess somebodys gotta do it. Need an assistant. (Like you've never heard that before) lol.
Seriously, Great work here. Thx for sharing.
HuntedDragon 12 118 United Kingdom
26 Mar 2011 3:33PM
has to be have a touch of class m8...
frink 12 2 Ireland
20 Sep 2010 4:05PM
well done, i know the feeling lack of models but keep trying ..great work
Ian_R 10 United Kingdom
15 Sep 2010 2:18PM
stunning B&W work here you should be proud of your work - ian
BobFancy 12 11 4 United Kingdom
6 Sep 2010 3:05PM
There's some realy great work here, youmust be very pleased with it.
kopo 13 20 1 United Kingdom
1 Sep 2010 9:09AM
Glad I visited. I'll be back
4 Jun 2010 7:15PM
hi, super shots all of them ,im just learning ,please tell me were do you get your models from ,ive lack of subjects ,cheers mike
Cor 12 Belgium
10 Apr 2010 8:24AM
Great work!
SandraDee2 12 5 Ireland
20 Mar 2010 12:31AM
amazing pictures.
HuntedDragon 12 118 United Kingdom
10 Feb 2010 1:19PM
in a word...cracking..........good stuff.
10 Feb 2010 8:45AM
Excellent set of art. Really beautiful images.
aviaandy 14 41 4
31 Jan 2010 11:27AM
I keep coming back to your portfolio for ideas and inspiration, your work is often simple but the impact is so high its makes one study it rather than just look.
xstevex 13 89 1 England
10 Jan 2010 10:01AM
Some nice images in here mate keep at it

Phil1958 12 272 4 Wales
19 Dec 2009 8:43PM
Nice Pf, some cracking images here,

Cor 12 Belgium
7 Dec 2009 3:04PM
VERY attractive and beautyful PF.
23 Nov 2009 12:20PM
hiiiiii....good work....& nice images .......take a look at my portfolio...!!!
shaw2708 12 18 England
14 Aug 2009 8:32AM
what amazing work! it goes to show, you can do the courses but if you have no imagination the qualification is not worth having!
kat x
LINDAW 14 18 United Kingdom
9 Aug 2009 12:29PM
Thanks for the comments - lovely to discover your work - fab
Leebo 14 2 United Kingdom
22 Jun 2009 7:19PM
Wow i can only aspire to create some work as good as yours
webdady 12 United Arab Emirates
14 Jun 2009 12:31PM
very nice work.
Goofydog 14 6 England
25 May 2009 5:31PM
frink 12 2 Ireland
13 Mar 2009 11:29PM
great work ...........well done////////////
oneill 13 155 Ireland
9 Feb 2009 7:13PM
john what can one say, about your work mate,,, well i for one can say alot of words,,, but the one i will use now,, is fantastic and well done mate,,, pat,,,
19 Dec 2008 6:09AM
accystan 16 132 6 Canada
26 Oct 2008 5:49PM
Just wanted to say I really enjoyed looking over your pics from the States - particularly the NYC pics; lots of deja vu there for me. Also found your comments very pertinent. Frequently, that's what I thought when I stood there (e.g. the number of flags you see.).

Very good portfolio

Dave D
alansdottir 12 60 7 United Kingdom
5 Oct 2008 3:59PM
Hi, dropped in to take a look around from the Eighth Avenue evening light shot - must admit that I really like your cityscapes and landscapes and some of the more abstract stuff here (I'm afraid model work isn't my thing, really). I'll be back...
14 Sep 2008 8:44AM
Outstanding, Strong, ............and various other words from the Oxford English Dictionary, that describe your work John, Thanks for sharing with us mere mortals!!

harrattp 14 11 4 England
8 Sep 2008 5:35PM
Your portfolio is superb and inspiring to those of us who want to develop a studio portfolio. I love your work and especially your B&W images.

oneill 13 155 Ireland
23 Aug 2008 12:21AM
john you have a fantastic p/f... quality images,,is hard to get right,, yours are up there with the best,,,,,,,pat,,
21 May 2008 7:16AM
High quality art photography
Simon_P 15 487 4 United Kingdom
16 May 2008 11:39PM
Wonderful portfolio, not quite sure where to start, I'll just have a wander through I think.
delboy1145 Plus
13 30 10 England
7 Mar 2008 2:41PM
Just made time to look through your PF There are some stunning images and you apear to be going from strength to strength keep them comming
24 Dec 2007 6:08PM
Wil just take all the comments into one this time, ..... WOW!

BrenS 13 50 Ireland
3 Dec 2007 7:22PM
love your pf really great shots and poses going on. real clear crisp and sharp photo's love the page
15 Oct 2007 7:40PM
Wonderful work! I really love the clarity of your pictures and your fantastic models. I voted for lots Biggy
JudeC 14 6 3 England
6 Aug 2007 8:50PM
Love your work - JudeC
Goofydog 14 6 England
22 Apr 2007 9:07AM
I particularly like your refreshingly new take on some classic poses. Your work is stunning. Great stuff.

JohnH37 14 1 United Kingdom
8 Nov 2006 11:28PM
Excellent portfolio.It it artistic and creative.You have a unique style.
graceland 16 2.5k 2 United Kingdom
22 Sep 2006 5:11PM
Really like your picture today Well done In my view Best todate !!

24 May 2006 9:31AM
wow...great portfolio...
draxwayze 18 74
11 May 2006 10:30PM
Am fascinated by your B/W work with models. Very diferent takes on familar subjects. Clicking here and there. First Class work. All I need now is a studio!
Bluke 16 303 1 United Kingdom
31 Mar 2006 11:15PM
I agree with Simon.....i have been going through your PF too many good pics to comment on ........quality work...

xanda Plus
17 244 2 United Kingdom
19 Mar 2006 9:41AM
Have just gone through your portfolio and scattered some well deserved clicks. Rather than comment on these individually I thought I'd say something here. Your Showcase, in particular, is quite extraordinary, with some truly moving and luminous images. Excellent work.


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