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Thanks for looking at my portfolio. I am a keen photographer that specialize portraits and fashion. I love to experiment with lights to create unique images. For my latest work, please go to my facebook page - Yat Tang Photographer.
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  • Lightroom can not be used to access files in an external drive. You need to copy the files onto the internal HD and then tell LR where the files are.
  • Can you put some example up?
  • Both kits uses continuous lights. They are not very powerful. The shutter speed will be long. Fine If your are happy with use a tripod to shoot static objects or ask your model not to move between shots. I highly recommend you spend more money and get studio flash heads.
  • Have you tried the 3rd party battery in the camera directly without the grip? I have used 3rd party batteries in grips before without problem (not 40D though). It is very strange issue.
  • Michelle,

    SRF-11 is designed for the 4/3 lens and fits on the 14-54mm and 50-200mm lenses. It will not fit on the 12-40mm lens. There may be an adapter you can buy. Also, It is design for macro photography and not great for general use. I think you should think about returning it and get a FL-600R unless you really want to take up macro photography.
  • Are you using auto mode or aperture priority using flash? The background not by the flash is dark because it is under exposed. Choose a combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO that you you a good exposure on the back ground while keeping the shutter speed below the flash sync speed. Then turn on your flash for fill light.

    I don't know Nikon system, with Canon in AV mode, that is what it does automatically.

    +/- are exposure compensation. There are two of them, one for exposure that control the ambient light level, the other is flash compensation that control the flash output.

    A basic how to use your camera course is a good way to start your photography learning process.
  • This is normal. Disable sleep mode the custom functions. Read your user manual, it will tell you how to do it.
  • Have you go the head tilted up? If you have, the head zoom to 50mm regardless. I hope that is it, otherwise you may have a faulty unit.
  • I don't want to sound mean, but it does sounds like you don't understand the basic of using flash. You are better off watching some tutorials on youtube first.

    The recycle time for 430EX should be about 2-3s even at full power. Is that what you mean? If its longer than that, its something else.
  • I don't understand your question, "it seems to take up to 1 minute before I can resist using the flash is that right?"

    You put your 430EXII on the RF602RX, switch to manual mode and RF602TX on the camera that it. You can start shooting straight away. There is no waiting. You should go to and read Lighting 101. It will answer all your questions.
  • Just buy two Yongnuo RF603 transceivers. Put one on the camera the attach your 430EXII on the other. That is it. The YN560III has a build in receiver. Put your 430EXII in manual mode and you can adjust the power manually. Happy shooting.
  • It depends on what you want to do with your flash. Do you want to shoot TTL? In that case the YN560III won't work. If you want to shoot with flash off camera, then all you need are a couple of RF603 and you are away. You will have to shoot manually which is the best way anyway.

    I would say that is the best way forward if you want to shoot with flash off camera. That is how I started. Currently I use Yongnuo.YN622C. I can shoot wireless TTL or control power remotely.
  • If you want to shoot totally manual then all you need is something like a set of Yongnuo RF603 and you are away. Both will work.

    If you buy a 90EX flash for your 6D, you can control the 430EXII optically with it, the Yongnuo 560III does not work as a optical slave AFAIK, but it has RF603 receiver built in.

    If it is me, I would keep the 430EXII for on camera use as a ETTL flash. Then I will buy the Yongnuo YN560TX. With this unit you can control the power of your 560III flash remotely. If you buy a RF603 transceiver, you can put your 430EXII on it but you can only control the power manually.
  • You can't change the viewfinder coverage on the 6D, but you can change the focus screen. Is that what you mean?
  • I am not far from Harlow Essex. It really depends on how many hours of tuition he needs. Happy to discuss.
  • The one Jeremy Clarkson gave back was a GT not GT40. The GT40 are worth millions now.
  • I use a set of PT04. The cost is lower than a long sync cable, if you are happy to work in full manual mode.
  • If you use your internal flash to control the 565EX, you only need one.
  • If you use Youngnuo YN622C trigger, you leave the flashgun in ETTL mode and can control the power of the flashguns using the camera flash control manual without walking over to them. This only works if you have Canon EX II or Youngnuo 565EX or 568EX.

    If you use the flashguns in manual mode, there is no point in buying YN622C, just get some cheaper triggers.
  • Be careful. Your older Canon flashguns will only work in TTL mode only. To use manual control, you need Canon EX II flashguns or Youngnuo EX.
  • OK. For info, I've also have a set of Youngnuo YN622C. They work very well with my Youngnuo 565EX very successfully. Very reliable. Compared to the cost of the Canon system, very reasonable.
  • No sure what you mean you have to use Canon flashes. I use my on board flash to control Youngnuo flashguns without any problem at all. No need to buy transmitter and receiver.
  • I have a Canon 650D and have no problem triggering my Youngnuo 565EX. I assume you have enable Easy Flash Control on camera, enabled optical control of the flash gun (the focus assist beam will flash on/off) and have set the same channel & group both on the camera and flash gun?

    From my experience, this system only work well in door. In bright light, it is not reliable.
  • You will find EF-S lens will not fit your 5D, so no worry about damaging the camera.
  • Rather than scanning, I came across this article. An alternative to scanning.
  • I do not know the answer, but I would only set flash compensation on one device. Leave compensation to 0 on the flash and use the camera only. There will only be confusion if you use both. Sorry I can't help.
  • Does the camera have red eye reduction mode when using flash? Not perfect but it helps some times.
  • I have the 565EX and uses it with my Canon 650D. It is fully compatible with the Canon wireless flash system in manual or TTL mode. I wrote a short piece about it on my blog. Note, it does not support high speed sync. Everything else just works.

    Yes, TTL is worth it. You can get the 565EX for 70 from Amazon.
  • I am very tempted by this camera for a second/travel camera, but will wait until the price drop to sensible level. An EVF would be nice, but can't see where they would put it. This could replace my Oly EPM2. Does the internal flash act as a wireless controller? If it does, it will be great.
  • Using flash is a difficult subject to answer on a forum. It will take a long time to learn. All you need to know is this very useful article:

    Why not control the flash output manuall if you don't want variation of flash intensity?