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Welcome to my portfolio.I hope that you like what you see, i try not to keep to a particular style but like too have a go at anything.
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A quick view of dven's recent activity.

  • Common Buzzards & Sparrowhawks/Goshawks flying circling above.

    The shape of their tails tell me they are Buzzards

    • 6 Apr 2020 7:22AM
  • Remember These?

    I worked for GKN in heath Street before it moved to Redditch back in the 70s


    • 7 Mar 2020 10:52PM
  • Shapely Shadows

    Another 30 for you Dave
    • 1 Feb 2020 10:40PM
  • Down the lane.

    Happy to make this your 30

    • 31 Jan 2020 7:10AM
  • Barn in rural Oregon

    Nice mono John

    • 22 Nov 2019 10:43PM
  • Itís all in the details

    Well worth a 30

    • 22 Oct 2019 3:08PM
  • Toy story

    Superb set
    • 20 Oct 2019 7:18AM
  • You have a great PF

    • Posted on CaroleS's profile
    • 12 Sep 2013 9:12AM
  • I have just come across you portfolio, and what a cracker it is too. i particularly like your mono

  • I have just come across your portfolio .and what a stunning one it is as well. your Yosemite images remind me of my holiday there

  • I have just come across your PF you have some stunning images in it and it will be a pleasure to continue to watch it

  • Hi Tony thanks for your comments on my abstract shot,I have just been looking at your portfolio,and love the variety of your work,Now that i have found it you will get more clicks

  • Hi Bert thanks for your recent comments on my P/F. i have just been admiring yours , i will continue to look out for your pictures in the future well done,

    dven (dave)
    • Posted on BertC's profile
    • 7 Nov 2006 4:03PM
  • What a lovely portfolio you have, the lighting you manage to get is amazing

    • Posted on jaktis's profile
    • 19 Jan 2006 8:25AM
  • Just come across your portfolio. a really stunning selection images.. dven
  • Its always a pleasure to check out your portfolio you have some lovely pictures, thanks also for taking time to comment on my pictures,

  • What a fantastic portfolio you have Neil. i must have missed it before. you have a great eye for a picture.