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Activity : Photo Comments


Hello fellow photographers, Thanks for taking the time to view my work. Hope you like it.
Constructive critisum for improving my images is always welcome.
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  • Traction Engine On The Move

    I had a faff trying to remove the houses with the clone stamp. Not that easy. You need to be a painter to do that stuff in PS.
    • 13 Jun 2015 1:08AM
  • Ribblehead Viaduct (B/W)

    I was there 4 hours and only saw one conventional train.
    • 20 May 2014 6:49PM
  • Big Pebble - Flamborough Head

    Thanks Ndods.

    I do have bracketed exposures on my raw files already. Worth another look.
    • 24 Apr 2014 8:54AM
  • After the Rain

    Very dream like
    • 10 Apr 2014 1:41AM
  • black beauty

    Think I've developed a foot fetish
    • 9 Apr 2014 2:34AM

    Looks very promising Smile
    • 9 Oct 2013 6:24PM
  • knees

    Very nice lady Smile
    • 3 Oct 2013 8:21PM
  • wow

    A proper glamour model with the right kind of curves Blush
    • 3 Oct 2013 8:17PM
  • Tornado (Night Train)

    Quote:Stunning, great use of the lamp.

    The crew must have been well engrossed in their conversation as there is no real movement.

    Like it a lot nice one.

    Really good actors. How on earth they held that pose for all the photographers. It may have been only 8 secs for me, but they held it for over a minute.
    • 29 Sep 2013 5:13PM
  • Sundown

    Quote:Fab light and scene, shame it's a bit grainy, but I have the same with my camera when I up the ISO. Smile

    Thanks for your comment.
    I needed a denser grad filter. Shooting into the sun was still too much contrast between the clear and opague part of the filter. Lots of noise appeared in the shadows with I upped the fill light on Camera Raw.

    Didn't help, the tripod fell over waking the lens and filter holder. At least he lens was ok. had to hand held the cokin filter too. but i'm pleased with the images in the series.
    • 18 Aug 2012 1:49AM
  • Popping

    Very nice to see a proper glamourous women in this section Smile
    • 17 Aug 2012 2:09AM
  • Another variation of the Sheffield Uni Radio Telescope deraltict site

    Quote:This is super! I have no idea what that bright green is in the tree, but I sure can enjoy this whole space trip image. TG

    lens abberation from shooting directly into the sun. I didn't take it out in camera raw as like you said, it adds, rather than detracts from the image.
    • 12 Aug 2012 4:48PM
  • Space Junk

    Well everything was probably intact on the site when it was mothbald. But your average vandile that can be assed to find the place has damaged it. Personally I don't want it cleaned up because of the photographic opertunities. However, there is a planning order on the site, so I doubt the old dishes will be there for long.
    • 12 Aug 2012 1:40PM
  • Reflections

    would look miles better with a more buxom model to fill the upper corset Smile
    • 28 Jun 2012 10:34PM
  • Golden Sunset at Dam Flask - Bradfield

    Thanks for the award
    Photographers may take pictures, but the subject makes a good photograph.
    I'm so lucky to have such nice countryside 5 mins from my door.
    • 6 Jun 2012 12:18AM
  • Three Clubs

    Not a good hand for strip poker then Grin
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:27AM
  • All alone

    wow, and wow again
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:23AM

    Looks like one of those nice early 70s Penthouse centrefold images.
    Excellent work.
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:19AM
  • Along the River Tees

    I like the the pic. but in an ideal world it could have down with a higher vantage point to put some sea between the pier and hull of the boat. Otherwise it looks slightly cluttered, but I still like the image.
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:17AM
  • Surfs Up

    Do you have to use a neutral density filter to get the low shutter speeds?
    Excellent pic.
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:15AM
  • Naked Textures

    I like the colour one too. Her skin tones go well with the background.
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:11AM
  • A Brighter Day

    Excellet pick.
    I've already got a bolder in my kit bag, just need to squeeze a horse in it too.
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:05AM
  • Winter View

    I must carry a bolder in my kit back, they come in good use.
    Excellent photo
    • 3 Jun 2012 10:01AM
  • Bedroom fun

    Well it would have been very nice indeed waking up to that lovely lady on a dreary Sunday Morning.
    Nice picture, and nice lady.
    • 3 Jun 2012 9:59AM
  • Light Show

    Thanks for your comment on my work. I do like your landscapes. Thats the point on Man Tor where I decided I'de walked enough in the hail, rain and snow. Shame I didn't get any sunshine for my pix.
    • 17 May 2012 11:57PM
  • "in thought"

    69 votes, I bet everyone would Grin
    Sorry but I just made it 70
    • 17 May 2012 9:41PM
  • Infront

    Its a good camera the 400d. The only floor I have with it is the small view finder. But full frame sensor cameras and lenses now cost the earth. I don't think canon and nikon realise there's a resession on?[

    quote]Spot on focus , you can see the eyes.
    • 17 May 2012 9:23PM
  • British Jet Ski Championships, Rother Valley park

    Quote:A greaet image Yhimk you need a faster shutter speed to freze image more.
    Backend looks like there motion blur and not sharp...
    Great work...
    If problkem getting higher shutter then move up ISO...


    Quote:Hi if you meant to blur the shot you have done well it gives the feel of the speed. but if you want to freeze the action you will need to shoot wide open.

    Yes guys I was trying to pan the shot to get some background blur. I experemented with shutter speeds around 1/25 and 1/60 to get the right amount. I do have some straight shots at high shutter speeds to upload as well.
    • 15 May 2012 7:59AM
  • Mysterious Smoke (Goathland Station, North Yorkshire)

    Quote:We missed out on seeing a train at Goathland but went to the hotel for a drink though.
    Missed all the tourist coaches too thank goodness…….
    Great capture……….

    I missed out on the drink and spent 7 hours train spotting.
    Alcohol anytime Smile
    • 9 May 2012 6:26PM
  • Woodbridge Tidemill

    wow, wow and wow again
    • 21 Apr 2012 11:10PM