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A quick view of echino's recent activity.

  • fast food by kencbr

    Great to see one in central london, well spotted. Its a female sparrow hawk though not a falcon.
    • 27 Oct 2009 12:51PM
  • yellow beak eagle by joseluissc

    Harris Hawk
    • 28 Sep 2009 1:50PM
  • "who you looking at" by crapsnap

    call it a perigrine. If its captive (which looking at the tail it prob is) they have so many hibrids these days its hard to tell, but even if thats the case its deff got a lot of peregrine in it.
    • 29 Aug 2009 9:28AM
  • Falcon? by stevoe_mc

    Not a falcon, its a red tailed hawk/buzzard. Native to usa
    • 28 Aug 2009 11:31AM
  • Farne Island Puffin by borojohn

    Ah, puffin time again. nice shot what are the numbers like so far this year. I hope to get up there myself the weekend after next.
    • 18 Jun 2009 4:28PM
  • What Beetle? by Paintman

    its a ground beetle in the genus carabus (not sure what one though). Although only about 10 different carabus spp in the uk.
    • 16 Apr 2007 2:25PM
  • Common Buzzard by Crashingocean

    It is nice and sharp,like the catchlight in the eye. Is it really a peregrine, looks like a common buzzard?

    • 2 Jun 2006 12:57AM

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