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A quick view of ecigliutti's recent activity.

  • Fog on the Beach by ecigliutti

    Thank you!
    • 29 Sep 2010 1:31PM
  • where has my pocket gone by dday

    So simple and so beautiful! Great work
    • 23 Jul 2010 1:17AM
  • sky walkers by hermin

    I like this one, weel done
    • 5 Jul 2006 12:39PM
  • Reflective by lilipolala

    Granada is beautiful isn't it?
    I cannot imagine that place when it was at the peak of its splendor.
    • 19 Oct 2006 6:56PM
  • Anna's Hummingbird by VNelson

    Don't know what to say... I've always loved birds but I was never able to get one decent shot of a bird.

    Your work is lovely!!
    • 4 Aug 2006 11:40PM
  • Be the Rock by VNelson

    I've never got a decent shot on birds, your work is beautiful.
    • 26 Feb 2006 2:47PM
  • Laddered by lucrezia

    Your eye for geometry and lines is remarkable, and the shots (this one and the rest of your portfolio),just superb.
    • 25 Feb 2006 7:26PM
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