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Hello to all in "Ephotozine", I am one of three keen "Photographic Buddies" who lives in the Midlands UK, and we get together on a regular basis to share our Hobby.
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A quick view of ecky's recent activity.

  • Pattern of Sand and Sea

    Please do not back off putting photos up, I have been on the site for a number of years and never had more than 17 votes, this is no reflection on your photos, its more like politics, the more you vote for others and increase your circle, the more votes you get, once the circle of followers is large enough, they seem to get the magic 30+ votes for every photo.

    The trouble is the photo only stays in view on the gallery a short time, before new ones come in and it moves down the line, so the initial 24 hrs is crucial when you first start, so any new photos have to stand out to encourage people to view them, if you work the system you get the pats on the back, which is not what you want really, so like me just plod on, and enjoy the photos you take thats what matters.

    Please to not give up .... Brian
    • 4 Apr 2016 4:03PM
  • Sun in the tree

    Lovely slow speed shows water movement, well spotted and taken ... Brian
    • 4 Apr 2016 3:50PM
  • A Beautiful Walk ( FALMOUTH. CORNWALL.)

    A lovely well framed photo, just needed a slower camera speed and smaller aperture to get more depth in focus, well spotted Brian
    • 3 Apr 2016 9:58AM
  • No Fishing !

    What a fantastic shot, I suspected a clone on first glance, you must have great patience, well worth the awards ...
    • 1 Apr 2016 10:30AM

    Great shot, should be called "What are you looking at", well spotted and taken Brian
    • 31 Mar 2016 10:31AM
  • River Point Singapore

    Well spotted, and taken, it shows what some of the early digital cameras were capable of, shows its not just pixels that matter.
    • 30 Mar 2016 9:18PM
  • Fishing boat on the Sarawak River, Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo

    Nice shot, well taken, you have certainly been to more exotic places than I get to now, I had an agfa Sillette when I last got out there, c1960 ... Brian
    • 30 Mar 2016 12:37PM
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  • Lovely Portfolio, its nice to see a varied collection, your flowers are particularly nicely taken ... Brian
  • Lovely set of photos, you have a liking for the types of subjects I enjoy, keep up the good work Brian
  • An obvious Bird lover, with lots of patience, great port folio ... Brian
  • Great Portfolio, you seem to like taking similar shots to me, but I am well past getting up for early morning ones now ..