A two hour movie, filmed at twenty four frames per second will contain 172,880 frames that the director can use to hold the viewers attention. Photography is different in that the end result is just one frame. If I can hold your attention for even two seconds then I consider myself doing well. Smile
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A quick view of EddieAC's recent activity.

  • The Lock...

    The contrast between the pristine lock and the rust on the gate stands out. There are some good horizontal and vertical lines here too.
    • 7 Jan 2019 11:20PM
  • Herb Bennet

    Hi Jack!!

    Many thanks. I google searched the image and came up with This page but I now consider that this could be wrong.

    I shall update the title here but may leave it as is in the macro challenge. Smile
    • 17 Jun 2018 7:15PM
  • Impaled Impermanence

    Many thanks Dennis and for the user award too. Very much appreciated. Smile
    • 8 Jun 2018 4:08PM
  • Construction in park

    Very nice composition and very well captured and processed.
    • 28 May 2018 11:58PM
  • The dominant species on this planet - and they show it

    Excellent capture!!
    • 25 Apr 2018 7:50PM
  • Orchid

    Many thanks Derek. I did consider briefly a square crop but quite liked the rule of thirds option. Smile
    • 12 Feb 2018 7:32PM
  • Three Water Drops

    Many thanks everyone and special thanks to Minty805 for the user award. Very much appreciated. Smile
    • 7 Feb 2018 9:23PM
  • Not only are your portraits of Katie well framed and produced but she is obviously having a lot of fun which makes for a great picture.