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A quick view of edsephiroth's recent activity.

  • Blue Church

    Quote:Where is this in Yorkshire?
    What a shame.
    Good image Smile

    Thank you Smile
    • 9 Sep 2020 6:02PM
  • Nazi Gold

    Good point Rende!
    • 18 Jan 2013 4:38PM
  • Largely Academic

    Thankyou very much Mandy Smile
    Hmm, yeah I know what you mean about the curtain, however I often feel that need to just hint at what's beyond the frame as well as within it, if you get me.
    • 7 Nov 2012 8:40PM
  • Heaven gate

    Seriously epic location and shot.
    • 19 Jul 2012 1:04PM
  • Okavango Delta

    A lovely "full" photograph! Great image.
    • 19 Jul 2012 1:02PM
  • Sanatorium Stairwell

    Thanks for the positive comments - in answer to Jadus, I may have opened the top door when I walked through, but generally try not to rearrange things in my pictures if possible. It does occasionally need to be done though, but not here, so I can't claim to have been "inspired"Wink except by the place itself.
    • 20 Apr 2012 11:54AM
  • The Old Orphanage

    Thanks. The locals wouldn't even acknowledge the place existed! It was certainly a "haunted" (in the metaphorical sense) place.
    • 23 Feb 2012 2:10PM

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