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  • Quote:Ed
    I did send you a private message re technique. Your's wasn't the only comment and if you've read my input above then hopefully you'll have understood where I was coming from. All the same thanks for your posting. I will resend my original email to you

    THANKS really I meant no disrespect and I do and can see how simple statements can have different impact on individuals. This is especially true when made in clear text without regard to geography, culture and situation. True intent can be lost in a quickly written text.

    I'm glad I continued to look for you because I might not have found this forum string to be made aware of my mistake.

    I'll look for your msg.... and more of your images!
  • Jatdee007,
    I just found this forum posting and it looks to coincide with a recent comment I made regarding one of your images.
    I left a great comment about how I truly enjoyed the image, lighting, composition, and post production work. I would really like to know more about your post technique!

    Quote:Lovely model! Excellent pose lighting and composition. I really like the post production work on her skin, and wonder if you'd share your technique/method/actions etc on this?

    Oh, someone please buy this poor girl a cheeseburger!

    Thanks for sharing!

    But alas, in an effort to invoke humor related to the beautiful model "Safire" I made a comment that appears to have offended you and or the model. The comment was in no way meant to be serious, and I apologize that is was not received well. I respect your work! ... and that of the young lady! You both have produced outstanding images and I would still be interested in your post production technique if you are willing to share.

    Best Regards,