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Thanks for looking. Any advice or critique is always welcome good or bad.
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  • I'm sure you will love the Sigma 105mm. Its a great lens, I'd be lost without it to be honest.
  • All theists are 99% atheist too as they, presumably, don't believe in any of the 25,000 or so other gods Wink
  • It seems there are lots of cowboy wedding photographers out there. The problem is that nowadays digital photography is so much more affordable and accessable to Joe Bloggs. He doesn't have to buy the most expensive kit either, it just needs to look the part to convince his clients. The average person at a wedding probably won't know the difference between an entry level DSLR and a top of the range one as they do look pretty similar to the untrained eye. In my experience the guy I worked with had the confidence to make it look as if he knew what he was doing and for a while I was duped as well as his clients. I only hope he takes my advice and hangs up his camera before he ruins someones day.

    I enjoy my photography immensely as a hobby but thats what it is, a hobby. I have been asked by a couple of people to shoot their weddings as I guess a lot of members on here have also been asked. I have politely declined as I am not a professional and wouldn't want the huge responsibility that goes with it, I will leave that to the people who know their craft. However I do think there is a place for the budget photographer, not everyone can afford a top of the range car but those who do buy a more basic/cheaper version will still expect it to get them from A to B.
  • I've not posted on here for a long while but felt the need to share this bad experience I've had. I hope no one else comes across a cowboy like this.

    An old ex work colleague contacted me late last year. He knew from times past that I enjoyed photography as a hobby and told me he was now working as a wedding photographer. he asked me if I was interested in working with him at a few weddings as a second photographer to capture all the candid shots. He said he hasn't advertised yet as all the weddings he does have come from word of mouth. I had no reason to doubt his credentials at this point. I have no real interest in wedding photography or turning pro, its a hobby and I just enjoy it but after a long discussion with him I agreed to try it out as I thought it would be good experience.

    It was ideal for me with no pressure, just get the moments of guests laughing and joking and kids running about having fun etc plus a few shots of groups from other angles. I would typically take about 3-400 shots and then edit them over the following week then burn them to a disc for the "pro". I would have no contact with the Bride and Groom whatsoever. Once the editing was finished that was my part done with.

    I had worked with him on 5 weddings. The 6th (and last) wedding I worked on was for a friend of mine. The day went well and just after the speeches I sat down and downloaded all my images to my laptop to back them up. The "pro" asked me if I could back up his too as he had forgotten his laptop. I obliged and then the following week edited my shots as per usual. When my friend returned from his honeymoon he contacted me to see if he could see my images as the "pro" was apparently away on holiday. I visited him and his new wife to show them my shots. They said they thought they were stunning, needless to say I was more than pleased. A week or so later I spoke to my friend again who had now seen the main shots from the "pro" photographer and they were very disappointed with a lot of them. They said that he had not edited or deleted any bad ones but asked them to choose the ones they wanted and then he would edit those. Up to this point I hadn't looked at the copies of his images that I had backed up on the day of the wedding for him. When I did look I was shocked at what I saw, there were lots that were blurred and plenty more that I would have just deleted. When I looked at the metadata it transpires he had shot nothing in RAW, all on the smallest jpg setting and everything on AUTO. I had growing suspicions previously that he didn't know half of what I did and I'm just a hobbyist photographer. I have sinced had a converstaion with him where I told him in no uncertain terms what I think of him. I also told him to sell is camera and never to shoot anything other than his kids with a compact. He's not a photographer, he's just a bloke with a camera and a lot of bullshit!
  • Congrats Stuart463. Thats the first time I've entered, its good fun! See you all next week methinks.

  • Quote:And don't forget her sister Menage Artois......

  • I've gone all european........ its Stella Artois for me
  • Its being repeated at 12:50am BBC4 tonight in case anyone missed it like me.
  • Surely seeing what you want to shoot and framing it correctly is alone being creative even without adding to that the settings on the camera?
  • I predict that the learning curve gets steeper still!
  • I am no expert on this subject but I have just purchased a Freecom 400gb external hard drive for 80 from PC world. Had no probs with it so far.