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A quick view of ejensen21's recent activity.

  • Cirque De Hull

    Hi Lianna,
    the line is actually on the wall, I have thought of removing it as I agree it is quite distracting.
    • 19 Oct 2010 3:31PM
  • Filey - Rail Splash

    Once you've gone RAW you'll never go back, your jpegs would be blue due to white balance rather than format though, perhaps you've switched to tungsten then shot outdoors.

    As for this image, I really like the composition, the railing is a great focal point that leads into the heart of the image. I would be tempted to try a mono version too and again try getting lower down to the floor rather than shootng at eye level.
    You also need to watch for straight horizons, especially if the horizon is water, it makes the viewer have the impression that the sea will run away out of the picture if its slightly lop sided.
    I may well have to go to Filey and steal this shot soon..
    • 7 Oct 2010 11:07AM
  • Ghosts.

    I do like this memorial and I've seen some great shots of it at our club, it offers up some great lighting as the sun sets right behind it and creates some loely shadows, I think this shot just needed squaring up a bit, the bright light in the top corner is drawing my eye from the shadow, which is the point of the picture judging by the title. A different angle of view would offer a better image, or perhaps a close up of the shadow across the names of the fallen which would lose the jagged edges that the memorial has reated in this picture. The curviture of the memorial can also provide some great lead in lines for macro shooting.
    • 1 Oct 2010 11:02AM
  • G O T H

    The eyes are definitely too white, as noted above but i think the catch lights being dead center are over emphasising them, your v2 is a little too red you need somewhere in between or desaturate the eyes in V2. her eyes look a bit vacant, she doesn't seem to be engaging with the viewer. I've done some Dragan effect myself I think you needed to tone down the opacity on the grunge layer a bit, you don't seem to have brought out the sharpness that is intrisic to the dragan style it's just got the colouring.
    I tend to seriously over sharpen first of all, you should be able to see every pore of her skin. It can also help to layer the draganised version over the original and drop the opacity slightly to reduce the effect, this would also bring back more of the hair which has vanished into the edge burn. The effect works much better on a model with more texture in his/her face such as an older person.
    • 30 Sep 2010 10:37PM
  • another try at portraits

    Hi Neil,
    I've never done studio myself so I can't give too much comment on your technique, however in the mod I've uploaded, I've softened the skin slightly, added a glamour glow and removed one of the catch lights, having two in one eye is page 3 lighting and not always flattering for a formal portrait. I've flipped her too as your eye reads across the image left to right, it now stops on the eyes rather than the hair piece. I have also cloned a bit of the armpit out as well as it is quite distracting. I don't agree about her not looking happy, not all portraits need a smile, she looks seductive, which is far more appealing. I've dropped the saturation out on the blue channel to lose the background more as the blue clashes with her dress, I've also lifted her makeup slightly with a hue/sat adjustment layer.
    She is a great model and its an interesting shot, you can judge that by the amount of comments, if I could adjust one thing it would be her necklace which doesn't sit right, but otherwise you have the makings of a great image that just needs a few tweaks to perfect it, well done.
    • 30 Sep 2010 9:11PM
  • Steampunk Overlord

    Damn it... I had tickets for this event and decided not to go at last minute as another opportunity came up, can't believe I missed such a good photo op.
    • 20 Sep 2010 12:28PM
  • Wildwood

    great idea, great model and use of texture, I would be tempted to go a bit further with the guitar blend, maybe try again with one arm outstretched and carry the fret along her arm, it might take a lot of practice but I think it would be a great image.
    Cutting the guitar off at her arm across her body sort of separates the image in two and chops the guitar short.
    The current image shows the model has the curves of a guitar turning it around I would make the guitar the feature and give it the anatomy of the model.
    • 14 Jul 2010 12:45PM
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