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  • haven't posted here for a while but hope someone will advise.

    I use a 35mm SLR (Canon EOS) which I am happy with, covering my digital angle with a nikon coolscan negative scanner. I am still learning a lot and am not ready to make the leap to digital SLR until I have learnt a bit more AND more to the point saved some money.

    In the mean time, I want to buy a compact digital to use for those moments when I don't have my SLR. The quality needs to be fairly reasonable as these will be memries we hope to keep forever.

    I have fast moving kids so shutter lag is a big concern. I will eventually get a DSLR so don't want to spend too much but feel I may feel restricted by a point and shoot type. Budget is 250 to 350.

    Are the flashed on compacts adequate or do I need one with a hotshoe?

    I have looked at the Canon Powershot S50, Canon IXUS500, Sony DSC W1, Sony DSC V1, Casio Exilim Pro, Sony DSC P100. Now I am totally confused!! The casio seems to be the best but it is a bit beyond the budget.

    All comments very gratefully received.

  • yes absolutely you can and sooooo much more!

    I use the pressure sensitivity on mine to influnce amount of transparency, or brush size etc. Millions of things. Check out the wacom.com website.
  • PC World kindly let me take two different tablets home so that I could see the benefits of each one. The Hewlett Packard at 50 for an A5 was fun but very slow to respond. The Wacom at 150 for an A6 is fantastic - and to my surprise a perfect size.

    I thought that A6 would be far too small, but in fact it works very well. I have no criticisms at all of the wacom tablet. The other cheaper one would have been very rapidly thrown out of the window due to it's bad performance.
  • With the funerals this week of friends that we lost in this war - it is only too real for me. However, when my husband is serving in areas of conflict as he has including the gulf, afganistan, mozambique, sierra leonne etc. I am glued to the news - desperately trying to keep up with the latest situation or even maybe getting a glimpse of him.

    Unfortunatley when things have taken a turn for the worst, the media get the information to us before the miliatry contacts do, and often it is wrong and misleading. It causes unnecessary upset and panic.

    When the crash happened recently, one of the wives was desperately phoning other wives trying to find out what was going on having seen about the crash on the news - she found out several hours later that her husband had died. This news is important, but delaying it until the families have been informed would have helped her and not harmed the general public.
  • I guess that you don't have children Barrie. If you put the TV on to watch a children's programme the few seconds that they see of shocking images before you get to the power switch are all that it takes for them to be disturbed.

    Fortunately my children are closely supervised. There will have been many parents who send their slightly older children to watch TV after school whilst they cook their suppoer and will have not been aware what the children are watching.
  • I disagree with your point about choice. I had put the TV on expecting to find children's programmes - not death and blood. I do not criticise the actual reports, but the timing.
  • The whole media / iraq thing is making me very angry. We unfortunately lost several of my husbands colleagues and friends in the recent helicopter crash off HMS Ark Royal, and following the event journalists and cameras were everywhere. I understand that they have a job to do, but invading privacy when there is so much emotion and grief was terrible. I even had a journalist contact my mother to see if she could get the names of those killed from me!

    Also, I turned on the TV as my children were in the room (aged 4 and 2) in the afternoon recently to be faced with blood splattering all over a camera and dead / dying people strewn around. This would not be allowed on TV at this time if it were fiction, and is not suitable for TV during a family viewing time. I was horrified.
  • Thought I'd start a thread on people's favourite photography books. I'm ready to look for further reading.

    My current favourites are "Learning to see creatively" and "Understanding Exposure" both by Bryan Peterson and published by Amphoto.

    Both of these books were truly readable - couldn't put them down. Bryan's approach to photography is logical but exciting and a great inspiration for the serious ameteur who has not had the opportunity of college to learn. He made me look at photography with a much more open mind and feel confident that I was able to produce some really creative images even in the most challenging circumstances.

    Please post your favourite photography book.
  • echoing doczoc's question - what is this "grey" business?!?
  • I have enhanced CRB disclosure, and my husband has the standard one. We did it through the early years department and OFSTED. It cost 12, but we were able to retain the certificate.

    If you have children yourself, the school or preschool should be able to organise it for you.

    It often takes a very long time, and you need to be 100% sure that the forms are correctly completed as this is the cause of most of the delays.

    You must find out what level of disclosure is required by your client. An enhanced disclosure is not normally needed and also slows the system down for teachers etc. who also need the disclosure.

    Hope this helps

  • If you look in this months edition of Digital Photo magazine, there is a tutorial showing precisely this using photoshop. It's a CD movie type tutorial.
  • I have a Nikon coolscan IV ED (the cheaper 2800 dpi one) and it is fantastic. Have printed bigger than A4 with saleable quality results. Colour matching is great, ICE facility marvellous, software is easy but literature lousy. It has managed to produce an image where it was not even visible to the eye on the slide! (exposure mess up).

    So far I have seen no reason to go to a scanner capable of 4000 DPI, and at half the price of the 4000 I am very pleased.
  • steph

    I have a quite new 830 which I am more than happy with for photo prints in colour. The borderless facility is very good. You certainly seem to get a fantastic quality of print without having to pay out for features such as fast printing or direct links to cameras.

    I use Ilford pearl paper for quality output and am more than happy. I have not used non epson cartridges as my last printer went wrong after I did this. The cheapest way I think is to buy them in 3s from 7 day shop.

    My only complaint about this printer is it's quality on black only printing - it's not good.
  • If you want large peices of card / mountboard etc. for FREE!!!!! you should try your local scrap store. They normally list in the phone book and have all sorts of industry left overs. Lots of board / paper / fabric / card / shiny things / rolls of foils etc. Also useful are large polystyrene sheets (great reflectors), DVD boxes for storing your CD image library, acetate for creative filtering effects.

    If you don't use it for your photography, great for kids art projects.

    Obviously the benefits to the environment of supporting schemes that make use of materials that would otherwise be thrown away is the main advantage. It normwally costs about 20 per year, and then you take as much stuff on as many visits you like for no charge at all!

    Even Lawrence LLewllen Bowen uses our local scrap store! (good enough for him, then good enough for me)

  • near falmouth
  • This is all very positive. I would like to buy one, but where is the best place (financially) to get one - is it the website?
  • From the Oxford Dictionary:

    Pornography - explicit representation of sexual activity visually or descriptively to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic feelings; film, literature, etc containing this.
  • This looks like a fantastic tool, but is it really woth 40 - has anyone tried it. Is it just a gadget version of those clothes lint removers?

  • Anyone else in Cornwall? (or visiting Cornwall for a holiday?)
  • Best photo automatically selects the highest resolution, and "photo" is a lower resolution, etc.

    You should press the "advanced button" on the screen where you can select "best photo". This will give you further options - ensure that "high speed" is NOT selected. (does sound like this is the problem)

    You could also try some of the diagnostic tools (find them in the driver software under the tab "maintenance".) Try the nozzle check and print head alignment check. It will tell you what to do.

    If this does not help, could you be more specific about what it is about the print that you are unhappy with.
  • Re the comment about Ilford Pearl paper - I've tried it and am very impressed, but best of all it is on "buy one get one free" in PC World at the moment.
  • I do not earn a living from photography, but I have set up and run (and sold at a profit) several business ventures. One of them everyone said that would never work. It now provides work for nearly 100 people! What I learned from this is that the first two years always cost you more than you thought, and other peoples advice is cheap - listen to your accountant, bank manager, solicitor, business link advisor etc.

    If your photography is very good, try and find a serious investor. You may have to share your profits, but good finance from the start can mean quicker, easier and greater success. There are lots of people out there who have given up on the stock market and have lots of money. Make this your first and most important sales project - SELL YOURSELF to a financial backer. It could also open up the possibility of studio franchises or similar.

    Business link normally have lists of potential investors.

    Best of luck
  • My dad until last week ran a shipping company in Florida, so as you can guess I buy anything from the US if it saves me money.

    Firstly - don't forget to add state sales taxes into account. They differ from state to state. Technicallly if you declare your goods at customs coming into the UK there is a way of getting the US tax back - you don't have to pay both.

    Secondly - generally you will get away as having items declared as a gift if they are shipped, but this is not that straightforward and always a risk that you will have to pay tax. I had to pay tax on my daughter's birthday present!

    Thirdly - make sure it is sent with a good shipping agent. US mail is very unreliable. Fedex is the best but expensive. UPS is generally good.

    You should also consider buying from Canada as the exchange rate is even more favourable.

    Smuggling is a serious crime and can result in your goods being impounded.

    Sources of info would be UPS, Fedex, Mail boxes etc.

    try www.mbe.com
    at a last resort get your parents to emigrate and bring stuff when they visit you! works for me!!!
  • I have a canon EOS 300 and chose this over the minolta for several reasons, but the main one is that I will no doubt eventually buy a digital SLR body when the prices drop as technology generally does. Minolta do not make a digital body, so if I had chosen minolta I would have to change my whole kit- lenses inculded making it even more expensive.

    However, by choosing canon, all my lenses and most other ettachments such as dedicated flash etc. will all be fine to use on a digital body one day. Canon also design their digital bodies to function just like the normal EOS cameras meaning less learning by me.
  • have you tried batch processing your negs?

    I have the Nikon Coolscan IV ED (same desing, lower resolution) and generally feed in my negs in strips of six which it processes, saves to disk and ejects the full strip. It took me a while to figure out how to do this as it isn't in the help file or manual.

    It does mean that you can get on with other things whilst it processes them, and pop in every few minutes to put the next strip in.

    It is also possible to set it to only calculate the exposure on the first neg from a set which saves time on the other 35. This is ideal if just producing contact sheets and then rescan and calculate exposure for anything you want to work with to ensure the best results.

    Have not found any helpful websites / books / other. The helpfiles are terrible.
  • If you want to print monochrome images, you should request some sample sheets from the manufacturers. I have an Epson 830 with problems producing monochrome photos and today Epson were unable to suggest any of their products that would show an improvement without going for the 2100.
  • I called epson today and at first they tried to resolve the problem and failed, then I emailed them some of the files causing the problems and they tried it on their 830. The problem also occurred on their printer!

    After this they claimed that my printer was not faulty and in fact is not designed to print at any level of quality using the "black ink only" setting.

    So I guess that it is either return this printer and pay about 500 for one that will do the job, or accept the quality and use an on-line printer service for important images. This hardly serves as a money saver as per my original plan.
  • what sensible advice. Will call them in the morning and let you know.
  • good point. They say that this is not a known problem to them, and after checking heads were clean, settings, paper etc. they said it was a faulty printer and to take it back.

    PC World could not resolve the problem (3 engineers trying) on the first or second one so got a refund and bought one from ASDA hoping it was a different batch. Can't beleive it - SAME PROBLEM!!!!!

    (good service from PC World though - they even refunded the cost of petrol to reurn it!)

    The problem does not occur on mono prints printed by all ink colours. It only occurs when "black ink only" is selected. It is worse at higher resoloutions, it does not happen to solid black, only darker greys.
  • This is a new printer with new cartridges printing on Epson paper which was supplied in the sample pack with it. I have taken the second one back to PC world today and they were unable to resolve the problem either. They have now removed their stock from sale as they suspect a faulty batch. (Epson suggested this)

    Meanwhile - went to ASDA and bought another 830 hoping from a different batch. Same problem so now I have run out of ideas.

    Help - anyone??????

    The problem does not occur on mono prints printed by all ink colours. It only occurs when "black ink only" is selected. It is worse at higher resoloutions, it does not happen to solid black, only darker greys.