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A quick view of emefbee's recent activity.

  • Boxing Day

    Hi Sarah!
    Not been on this site for a while.....this is Mike Lane hunting the Oakley. I used to live and work with his brother Tim!!! He'd love you to go out a bit with this pack...might sell a few too!
    Happy new year!!

    • 4 Jan 2009 10:00AM
  • Un-invited

    Thanks guys!
    Tim, I was listening to Alanis Morrisettes 'Un-invited' on You Tube while I adjusted this one...its a great track!
    • 8 Jul 2008 9:06PM
  • Outside

    Many thanks to you guys for the comments, just what I was after!
    I like the mod, Jeff and thank you for the detailed analasis and kind words re. my other stuff. I don't get to do much of this sort of thing but with a bit of practise and help from people on this site, I hope to improve. Thank you again.
    • 3 Jul 2008 6:24PM
  • Full Flight Winner....

    Totally agree with Niel Murray. An exceptional photo.
    • 26 Jun 2008 6:39PM
  • Head To Head

    Its excelent as it is.
    • 26 Jun 2008 6:33PM
  • Reflection ...

    The colours are not ott. Its a stunning image. its sharp and vibrant and show it character well. My only critique is it would be nice to see it larger! Compliments on giving the settings details, too.
    • 11 Jun 2008 8:39PM
  • Poppy

    its nice to eventually get the shot a bit after you've seen can so easily dissappear. A nice shot and I like the panoramic presentation. The barley round your way is much further on than ours!
    • 11 Jun 2008 8:12PM
  • I like the website you have but you're not charging enough!!
    Your work is worth more than that...don't sell yourself short.
  • Talented. Plain and simple!
  • Hi Anne. May I say a big thank you for the advice and comments you have left me. High praise indeed, coming from someone with the skill you have.
    Matt.B. xx
  • This is a lovely collection of YOUR memories. Your equestrian shots are great. The timing on them is spot on.
    Photography to me is about showing people what you see and convieying those feelings and emotions as the picture is taken. Keep it up.
    • Posted on una's profile
    • 26 Jan 2007 11:05PM
  • A great portfolio, Lauren. I like the way you explain each shot and give the tech details too, it helps people like me to improve. Best wishes and good luck.
  • Nice and varied portfolio.I really like the shot of the whipper-in popping the hedge!!! Keep up the good work.
  • Hello victor. Just checked out the portfolio..WOW!!! You only have to look at the comments left by all to see what an inspirational genius you are! You're helping so many people in so many ways. The power of the camera.
  • I haven't checked out you pf until now. You have some lovely shots, especialy the flowers( oh, and of course Molly!) I look forward to seeing more of you work.Take care and BIG hugs to Molly.
    • Posted on Dennie's profile
    • 20 Apr 2006 8:52PM
  • Hello Mavis! It means alot to me when people with such talent as yours leave kind comments and advice. I still have loads to learn but with you and others on this site to inspire me, I'm sure I'll improve. Love "February Crocus"!!
    Matt.B. xx
    • Posted on Mavis's profile
    • 25 Mar 2006 10:27PM