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  • Posted on fatherpie's profile

    Great PF Dave. Many thanks for your comment.

    • 28 Dec 2008 5:04PM
  • Posted on Anthony's profile

    Thank you for your comment. I enjoyed your portfolio very much.
    • 25 Sep 2007 7:17PM
  • Posted on Rob_Taylor's profile

    Inspiring... Thanks
    • 23 Sep 2007 7:07PM
  • Posted on helenlinda's profile

    Thanks for your click Helen. I like your P/F.
    • 21 Sep 2007 11:03PM
  • Posted on Cole's profile

    It means a lot to receive comments from people such as yourself. many thanks. I would comment on your P/F but I don't yet feel qualified to do so.
    • 21 Sep 2007 10:58PM
  • Posted on Ammonyte's profile

    Thanks for the click Tim. Very impressed with your P?F.
    • 21 Sep 2007 10:53PM
  • Posted on una's profile

    Many thanks for your comments Una. Do you like horses by any chance?....Seriously, lovely colourful shots.
    • 19 Sep 2007 9:34PM
  • Posted on nickyv32's profile

    I agree with Albert Nicky, just one question, are you using a dedicated macro lens or, like me, do you have to make do with getting as close as you can? Either way your shots are extremely good. Well done.
    • 19 Sep 2007 10:18AM
  • Posted on fentiger's profile

    Thanks for your comments Albert if you would like to see a larger version please use this link..

    I love 'Defences breached' great shot.
    • 16 Sep 2007 4:21PM
  • Posted on scouseterrier's profile

    Thanks Dee, I don't know why I suddenly appear to be unable to upload at the optimum size...I am obviously doing something wrong... any suggestions?
    • 16 Sep 2007 1:32AM
  • Posted on scouseterrier's profile

    Hi Dee,
    Thanks for your comment on 'young Millie'. I will soon be uploading another photo of Millie as she is now. Going to look at your portfolio now.
    • 15 Sep 2007 1:54PM
  • Posted on norton's profile

    Had a look Tony and after some thought I agree with your comments on my 'Three heads' .This is why I like this site, this would never have entered my mind. Cheers .
    • 14 Sep 2007 8:54PM
  • Posted on norton's profile

    Nice gallery Tony. You seem to cover all of my fovourite subjects. Thanks for your comment on my pic, any advice is welcome.
    • 13 Sep 2007 9:10AM

Limited to latest 30 results.