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I hope you enjoy looking at my images! I really appreciate any and all feedback!
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A quick view of EmmaG_M's recent activity.

  • "Untitled"

    Love it!
    • 9 Mar 2011 11:53AM
  • Battle fireworks

    You have captured the fireworks really well, you timed it nigh on perfectly and I like the arrangement with the the ball above the two lines it works really well and the colours are good too, my only niggle is with composition the area to the bottom right with the tent is distracting it draws your eye away from the main focus of the image, I've done you a mod, cloning this area and the little spots of light out and cropping square around the fireworks, making them the main focus.

    As I said really great image, I have no luck with fireworks and I am hoping to get out myself this autumn to have another go at capturing them. Well done you!
    • 22 Oct 2009 9:39AM
  • The cool of the night

    I think this shot has great potential, its a nice scene and is well shot, its a very marketable shot as well I can see this on someones wall.

    However I think the blue is a tad overpowering in this and takes away from the over all shot, I've done you a mod toning down the blue and utilising a different crop.

    Hope you like it!
    • 19 Oct 2009 8:19PM
  • GeorgeII

    Lovely shot! Full of character! I've done you a mod brightening the eyes just a touch. Well done!
    • 3 Oct 2009 8:26PM
  • Chess legend Viktor Kortsjnoj on a match in Enschede (Holland)

    I love the look of deep concentration on his face. This man looks like a real character and you've captured him well, the composition is quirky, I like that he's slightly off set and the chess pieces in the foreground work well.

    The only thing I would change is the use of colour, in my opinion mono works much better for these types of images. I've done you a mod converting to mono and sharpening up the face to bring out the wrinkles.

    • 3 Oct 2009 9:32AM
  • Bodiam Castle II

    I like this image, the castle is very imposing, Couldn't resist a quick mod as I think this looks cracking mono, and it gets rid of the yellow cast too!
    • 2 Oct 2009 6:39PM
  • Showjumping.

    Hi! First off congrats on a great horse shot! Like cath said you captured the action well!

    I have done you a mod, utilising a slightly different crop, making it tighter in the sides as well as the top and bottom for symmetry. I agree with cath about the sky and have cloned that out also, as the bright white is distracting.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

    • 2 Oct 2009 2:18PM
  • You have a btight future ahead of you! Fabulous PF. Thanks for your recent comment on my upload.

    • Posted on Wilmot's profile
    • 25 May 2009 1:29PM
  • A great PF! Thanks for the mod you did on my Red River Hog, I loved it!
  • Thank you so much for your critique on my lioness upload, I loved the mod! An honest and constructive critique is much better than any amount of clicks! Many thanks again!

    You have a cracking PF by the way.

  • Thanks for the comment and the great mod! You have a very impressive
  • Thanks for your comment on my picture!, just had a look through your PF and its made me want to re-visit whitby even more than I already did! I feel a road trip coming on!
    • Posted on danbrann's profile
    • 13 May 2009 11:07AM
  • Not many of us S5 users out there! Nice to meet another one! Love your PF, did you do your profile pic yourself I like it alot!
  • I thought it was you! Mucho congratulations on your pictures in januarys Photography Monthly Magazine! Fabulous shots all of them!
  • Your Portfolio is amazing! I'm lost for words, I love what your doing! Thank you so much for your kind words on my image!

  • An impressive body of work! Thanks for your comments on my photo, I probably had no more nightmares as a child than anyone else, mind you I did enjoy them for the most part! Smile
    • Posted on proz's profile
    • 22 Mar 2008 10:17AM
  • A great pf!
    • Posted on Tom_H's profile
    • 4 Mar 2008 6:54PM