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  • Sunset over field in Battisford Suffolk by EmmanuelFaro

    Thanks Willie for your input. The 1st mod I like best. Grin
    • 19 Apr 2017 3:22PM
  • Pasque Flower 2 by dark_lord

    Lovely shot, beautifully executed Smile
    • 18 Apr 2017 8:17PM
  • dead Tree by the estuary, unedited & original by EmmanuelFaro

    Thank you very much for your appraisal of my dead tree. I find it very constructive and appreciate the time taken.
    I have a monthly subscription of PS but do find it quite hard to master. I guess I will have to get myself some classes on the subject as I'm missing out on a lot of potential post processing. I know what I would like my photos to look like but then find it difficult to get that look because of my lack of knowledge using PS.

    I have plenty experience on the field but not enough in the "dark room"

    • 18 Apr 2017 12:35PM
  • Dead Tree by the estuary. by EmmanuelFaro

    Thank you for your constructive comments. It's always interesting to get some feedback. Grin
    This was shot in B&W straight from the camera and as Jpeg, so the original is in B&W. I do not often use RAW but I do understand the benefit of using it.
    I agree about the foreground on the right. The burn out sky is simply the result of a poor HDR processing I was experimenting with using Photomatix.

    I will upload the original shot for examination Grin
    • 18 Apr 2017 1:25AM
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  • Posted on: Panasonic Lumix G100 Review

    I've owned the G100 for a month with the updated firmware. Focusing in video has been vastly improved, it doesn't hunt out of focus so much when my face is moving. The simulated IS works well enough with a stabilised Lumix lens even when compared to my main camera the original Olympus E-M1 which is well known for its great IS.

    I find the crop in 4K acceptable for what this camera is trying to be. The full HD is superb if you don't need 4K. Personally, I find working on the larger file size coming from 4K time consuming and not worth the extra resolution.

    The image quality of the G100 is on par with that of the G9 & GX9, quite normal since they all share the same sensor. I find the still image quality very high especially when used with a prime lens. I use my G100 set on A most of the time as I like to play & experiment with depth of field.

    I find handling of the body pretty good for its small size. Someone with bigger hands might struggle when handling the G100 especially when a bigger lens is attached. There are currently no accessories such as half leather case or screw-on grips available on the Net even from China. These would definitely help with the handling or the protection of the polycarbonate body.

    What I find the most annoying on the G100 is when viewing through the EVF the focus point moves to wherever your nose touches on the screen, as a result there were times where I had to disabled the touch screen function, this is not a problem if you articulate the screen to the side of the body, however because the body is so small, it feels a bit weird when I'm viewing through the EVF with the screen rotated to the side, I guess this is something that I will get used to with more practice.

    I can't say much about its on-board audio capabilities as I use an external microphone, It's the only way for me as I live in Suffolk near the coast where it's windy on most days.

    I can confirm that the EVF on the G100 is stellar and a joy to use and so is the rotating screen. There's not much wrong with this little camera, I think it was a brave move from Panasonic to produce a new model at a time when M/43rd is presumably considered dead, at least according to quite a few vloggers on YouTube. I still think this system will survive, it offers the best performance when taking into account the size of the lenses and bodies it has to offer.

    I'm an amateur photographer and my comments are based on my own personal journey with the G100 and M/43rd system. Yours of course might differ. Being an amateur doesn't mean I'm a worst photographers when compared to Pros, it's simply means that I don't earn a living from photography Smile
    • 24 Apr 2021 8:13PM

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