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Welcome to my photographic world from a keen amateur photographer.
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A quick view of EmmanuelFaro's recent activity.

  • Sunset over field in Battisford Suffolk

    Thanks Willie for your input. The 1st mod I like best. Grin
    • 19 Apr 2017 3:22PM
  • Pasque Flower 2

    Lovely shot, beautifully executed Smile
    • 18 Apr 2017 8:17PM
  • dead Tree by the estuary, unedited & original

    Thank you very much for your appraisal of my dead tree. I find it very constructive and appreciate the time taken.
    I have a monthly subscription of PS but do find it quite hard to master. I guess I will have to get myself some classes on the subject as I'm missing out on a lot of potential post processing. I know what I would like my photos to look like but then find it difficult to get that look because of my lack of knowledge using PS.

    I have plenty experience on the field but not enough in the "dark room"

    • 18 Apr 2017 12:35PM
  • Dead Tree by the estuary.

    Thank you for your constructive comments. It's always interesting to get some feedback. Grin
    This was shot in B&W straight from the camera and as Jpeg, so the original is in B&W. I do not often use RAW but I do understand the benefit of using it.
    I agree about the foreground on the right. The burn out sky is simply the result of a poor HDR processing I was experimenting with using Photomatix.

    I will upload the original shot for examination Grin
    • 18 Apr 2017 1:25AM
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