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A quick view of enricopardo's recent activity.

  • Old House

    Quote:I rather like this, much prefer the colour version but you do need to remove the chair at bottom left. The point is, do your clients want the artistic, or do they want record. If record, then this will not do. If you are shooting work for someone else, always make sure you know what they want and shoot the straight stuff as well as the creative. I assume your original is straight, but the f2 is not going to give much depth of field.

    Whilst I like the effect here, the lens baby is not generally my cup of tea.


    Well, for the record, it wasn't a record for a client. It's an artistic rendering of the space and the selective focus whas intentional. DOF was not an issue. Thanks for your input though.Grin

    • 9 Apr 2012 5:53PM
  • Propeller

    Wow! Great pic!Grin

    • 6 Apr 2012 8:08PM
  • Theatrical II

    Hard to choose, but i like the character of the mono. Love the expressions and body language. Great shot Nonur!Grin

    • 5 Apr 2012 12:12AM
  • Defenseless

    Quote:My MI5 contacts have told me about this new secret weapon.
    Due to new Human Right Laws,the only damage you can inflict on the enemy,
    is to make all their teeth fall out !!

    It was supposed to be top secret. I guess these low life photographers did "spill the beans"
    • 4 Apr 2012 11:25PM
  • A Conversation: Feeding Ironhorse

    Quote:It really is a piece of surreal machinery in this field, and the person apparently having a conversation with it is sublime. Has to be colour and such an amazing and weird image.


    Sorry. It was me and I really tried to look more overweight so I put a couple of jackets on.Sad
    • 30 Mar 2012 9:28PM
  • AVE

    Quote:What a beautiful colorful bird, what kind is it?
    Well taken and excellent eye contact.

    Thanks! I really don't know much about birds. I have no idea what kind it is.Sad
    • 21 Mar 2012 3:06PM
  • Yay!

    Congrats from me too!. Fantastic image! You really deserved it too. Proud of you Sararose!Grin

    • 19 Mar 2012 4:07AM
  • These are great. I love your BW and NY is such a great place to photograph that I'm sure I'll see more of it soon. The death mask, your swan and everything else look really good. Show us some more of what you see. I'm interested, surely like everyone else. Go around the site find your favorites and interact, you'll see great people who are willing to help.


  • Excellent portfolio Craig. It's nice to see a fresh perspective on photography. I just love how you see your environment.

    Great work. I'm hoping to learn from you here.


    • Posted on gloccy's profile
    • 5 Dec 2011 11:20AM
  • Wow. You have an excellent portfolio Pronab. I just love the feeling on you portraits, they are just superb.

    You're one of my favorites on portraiture and landscape, which I am learning slowly. I hope to get this good some day.

    • Posted on pronabk's profile
    • 3 Dec 2011 7:11PM
  • Hey Malcolm. Just came across your PF. I just love it. Great work!

    • Posted on MalcolmM's profile
    • 25 Nov 2011 12:46PM
  • I say London pint?
  • I can't get over the quality of your portfolio. I just keep coming back. I say: More please!
  • The ones I like the best are:

    The Stepping Stones, Blue Tones and Reflections.

  • What a portfolio!. Love this type of photography. You have a great eye for it!

    • Posted on pmorgan's profile
    • 29 Oct 2011 7:36PM
  • Fantastic, literally. I say a "beautiful mind".

  • I love your photos. Excellent portfolio!
    • Posted on nonur's profile
    • 22 Oct 2011 6:37AM