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A quick view of equinoxphotography's recent activity.

  • Fright Night

    Quote:26!!! But well worth the effort! Nice one. Smile


    The 26 as follows some are duplicated images
    1) Bus, 2) skull, 3) cloak, 4) Eyeballs x 2, 5) cigarette, 6) moon and sky, 7) foreground, 8) crypt, 9) Temple Church Bristol, 10) group of headstones, 11) reaper headstone, 12) crows x 4, 13) Spooky Tours advert, 14) Blood drips x4 (on side of bus) 15) Fungi x 4
    • 25 Oct 2017 8:37PM
  • Gunslinger

    Really like this and this gets a thumbs up from me.
    Its a great idea and concept but without being to critical I do feel there's more than could be done with the image here's a few idea to play with
    1) Convert to black and white
    2) Drop the brightness and saturation down to create a night scene
    3) Up the contrast
    4) Soften the main figures edges slightly
    5) Make use of the lamps by adding light glows and rays
    6) Add some shadow casts to the floor
    I hope I've not been to critical because this really is a good image
    • 17 Oct 2017 2:37PM
  • Night Of The Living Dead

    Thanks for your comments Nigel the original photograph is a street image of East Street in Bedminster Bristol so technically it is a photograph all be it manipulated.
    I just wanted to create a different take on the street I was going to call it "Kicking Out Time" as those who know Bedminster will know it has a reputation when the pubs kick out Tongue

    • 8 Oct 2017 10:28PM
  • The Flood

    Quote:I cannot spot the mistake but this image is outstanding, I would love to know how you created it. 10/10 go to top of the class...... SmileSmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

    Well the deliberate mistake lies with the number 24 bus in the foreground the only single decked buses that go up Park Street are the 8/9 the 24 goes through the centre and along the river.
    The image is made from layers blended together,r rough edges are softened using a soft brush and smudge tool, the water alone contains over 30 layers which have been stretched, and flipped in someway.
    The sky was another image pasted in behind the building then softened to blend it in, I've also used dodge and burn to highlight and darken parts of the image then ive used the colour effex filter and HDR filter in the NIK collection.
    Special brushes used include splash, bird and lightening

    This the original image

    Thanks for all the wonderful comments and awards from everyone
    • 25 Mar 2017 1:33PM
  • Watching you

    Quote:Superb! How close were you? It doesn't look like it's bothered by you at all! Lovely exposure and colour capture. I would never have guessed it was through glass! Impressive 👏😀

    We were about 10 to 15 feet away
    I had to do a small amount of sharpening and colour adjustment (levels and contrast) in PS
    • 17 Feb 2017 6:17PM
  • *** New York bag lady ***

    Great Image would love to see a version of this in black and white
    • 2 Feb 2017 12:16AM
  • peek a boo

    Hi Pete
    Wasn't actually on a street it was photographed in the local allotment they were pinching the feed from chicken run this one kept popping its head up from its hole
    • 30 Jan 2017 12:27PM

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