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  • River Sligachan

    I'm coming in late on this but the wait was well worth it as I view it on my new 1080p HD monitor. Let me tell you, Ian, it looks absolutely stunning from front to back. The sharpness looks perfect and the detail is amazing. I can count every stone and pebble in that tide pool. Congratulations on your well deserved award.

    • 21 Nov 2009 9:43PM
  • Elgol

    Wow! This is outstanding, Ian, and every inch a delight to view. There are so many elements to this fine composition that make this one a real stunner and I love them all. I especially admire how you used the heavy cloud cover to your advantage with those distant mountains but yet there is that shaft of light reflecting on the surface of the water. I'm just sorry that I don't have a e2 membership because I can't give this my award.

    • 14 Nov 2009 4:41PM
  • Camas Rubha a Mhurain

    There are so many wonderful elements to take in and enjoy when viewing this photo. From the little bit of greenery in the foreground to the distant mountains silhouetted by a lovely sunset and everything in between. Simply beautiful!

    • 8 Nov 2009 9:30PM
  • Elgol

    This one just begs to be opened from the thumbnail. Fabulous work, Ian. Love it! I hope all is well with you.

    • 30 Oct 2009 4:34PM
  • 'The Arc'

    This is a beauty, Dave. I love everything about.

    • 9 Nov 2008 7:50PM
  • Calming Retreat

    Thank you, Paddy, Robert, Susan, Phil & clickers.

    • 28 Sep 2008 9:54PM
  • 'Remnants'

    This is jaw dropping, Angela. A superb capture in every way. I agree with Jon.

    • 24 Feb 2007 9:42PM
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  • Neil, Glad you stopped by my gallery & thank you for taking the time to comment. You have wonderful assortment of images in yourself that are beautifully captured. Keep up the great work.

    • Posted on javam's profile
    • 4 Dec 2006 11:05PM
  • Mark,
    Love your portfolio; you are doing some superb work. You should be very proud.
    • Posted on MarkT's profile
    • 3 Dec 2006 5:49PM
  • Mark, your gallery is nothing short of superb, the images you have captured are a true inspiration to anyone wanting to pursue landscape photography. Keep up the great work.

    • Posted on Keelo's profile
    • 13 Dec 2006 11:21PM
  • Susie, Thank you for taking the time to comment on my photos today, I do appreciate it. Looking through your portfolio I can see you are progressing extremely well in your photography. Some of your landscape shots are simply gorgeous and exhibit wonderful composition, lighting & exposure. I was very impressed!
    Keep up the great work & have a great Christmas & a Happy New Year.

    • Posted on rosie42's profile
    • 22 Dec 2006 12:34AM