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  • Mundesley Beach

    Thanks for the kind words Smile
    • 14 May 2009 4:04PM
  • A Lasting Defence

    It's certainly a very pleasing image. My only niggle is the noticable blue border on the edge of some posts (chromatic aberration perhaps?). Has that been exacerbated by the software?
    • 15 Jan 2007 6:05PM
  • Clouded View

    Whack one up? Oh, I thought you said...
    • 17 Aug 2006 11:46AM
  • Blakeney boat

    Nicely done. I was going to have a go at this boat last time I was in Blakeney. Unfortunately I headed along the path by the estuary, not along the high bank, and I was certainly not going to try and cross the mud in my wellies! Wink Next time...
    • 15 Aug 2006 11:18AM
  • I'm so tired

    Very cute. Next time he/she flakes out on the floor try getting down there too and take a shot from that level; it should work really well unless, like with my dog, you get a lens full of wet nose Smile
    • 5 Jul 2006 12:21PM
  • Porth Nanven

    Thanks all Smile

    Andy, go, you won't be disappointed.

    Mike, Andrew Nadolski is a photographer who's just published a book with pictures from this beach.
    • 5 Jul 2006 12:16PM
  • firey sky on curbar

    Can't add to that.
    • 5 Jul 2006 12:06PM

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