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I live in Hampshire and have recently decided to be more serious about my photography as opposed to 'taking snaps'. I work as a Programme Director and Management Consultant and when time permits my wife and I travel overseas to visit our family. We have recently returned from Myanmar where we visited Yangon and Myitkyina before going on to Cairns in Northern Queensland. The wildlife and rainforest flowers and trees were amazing and provided lots of photographic practice. It's a good thing that digital is here. I can afford to practise lots and do I ever need it!

I enjoy wildlife photography and taking panoramic landscape shots. The downside is that I spend endless time on my computer sorting, cropping, touching up and filing as well as reading all the good stuff on this site as well as looking at the vast array of excellent shots in the various galleries!

(Mental note) I must get around to populating a web site!


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