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  • Thanks!
  • I was gifted a Speedotron D604 Brownline light kit. I need to buy the Hot shoe connector but I wanted to make sure that this thing isn't going to fry my camera. Anyone know anything abut it?

    My camera is a Canon Digital rebel XTi.
    If you need anymore info let me know.
    Thanks for the help!
  • I'm going to Central America (Belize, Honduras) for 2 months in a couple weeks and I could use advice about anything and everything. It is going to be the rainy season, and very humid. I want to be prepared but have not gone on a long trip like this before. Any advice about MUST TAKES, or any kind of advice for a trip like this.
    I have a Cannon Rebel XTi, and a 150 gig portable hard drive. Can I safely take my hard drive through the airport? Do I need to avoid the scanners, should I pack it in my luggage or take it carry on with my Camera?
    I know I will need to wrap my camera for rain and weather but i don't know if there is a technique for this? The last thing I want to do is ruin my Camera.
  • this is the link to the info about the show if anyone is interested. I do, every day see things and think, "that would be a great shot!! but it is not usual erotic. I will open my eyes a bit more.

    Juried erotic art show here
  • where do you get yours?
    I want to enter a juried art show through the Kinsey institute, on erotica. Not having ever taken erotic shots before I was wondering if anyone had any ideas how I might be inspired.
    Also if anyone is interested I can give you the info. It is for U.S. residents only though.
  • Thanks everybody. I will give some of this a try. I can't set the camera on auto though. It's for a Photography class and first day she very politely said "auto is dead to you". I'll give some of these other things a try though.
  • I tried to figure this out on my own but I can't get it. I know the longer the shutter speed, the more I need to close down. Is there a formula to figure this out?
    If I wanted to take a photo that has a shutter speed of say, 6 sec. how would I adjust the f-stop to get a good exposure?
  • Thanks so much!! Very helpful!! I will check out the paper. My deadline is next Wed. and I have 6 rolls to shoot so I will be cramming this all in there. Will post the shots when I get them back!
  • some of the things I have read online make it sound like it will be yellow, not brown. I'm limited in this class b/c it's a beginner level class and sepia is really the only other thing she will let us do. Have any of you ever used this combination of paper and toning? Just wondering what the end print will look like. I guess I could just wait and see.
  • I have read mixed things about mixing these two. I am working on my final project for my photo class and I really wanted nice warm browns and was hopeing the combo would give me that, But the more I read the more I think it might be a mistake. Anyone have any input on this?
    I'm using Ilford multigrade Fiber Base WarmTone paper and Kodak sepia toner.
  • anybody know of a good supplier in the US? I need to order a lot of stuff for the class I just started. I checked a couple websites but they didn't sell Film in bricks.
  • Anyone have/had one? Goods, bads?
  • ok, so I have been looking at something like this.
    AE1 ebay auction
    I emailed the seller and he/she will be having more AE1 auctions like this one. I really don't know what is a good price for something like this. I'm watching this one to see what it goes for but if anyone has any input??? Maybe a limit you would pay for a kit like this?
  • I think I'm going to go for a Canon AE-1. I'll let everyone know how it works out. Can't wait to get some pictures up.
  • I have been doing a lot of looking around on Ebay. You really can get almost everything that has been suggested.
    Do you think it's better to get the body and lenses separately, so I can choose the lenses I want, or try for one of the big kit setups, that has the camera body, and lenses and other stuff?

    I really appreciate everyones help with this. I NEVER would have been able to make an educated buy without your advice.
  • all very good points. Back to reading reviews I guess.
  • I thought of this. I don't disagree with you. I thought about getting a camera that was compleatly manual. The problem I see running into is that right now I havethe money to get something a bit more advanced. Later I probably will not. I know in my classes I will be laerning with everything set as manual as I can make it. If later I can get an older camera that is compleatly manual to work with, I probably will.
  • well, after reading many many reviews, I think the Canon EOS 5/A2E, is the one I want. It has many of the functions I think I will need if not everything. Cheap, so I will be able to get more then one lens, and some other accessories. Thanks to everyone for the help. This was a really big desishion for me. Now I just have to find one.
    Thanks again.
  • what does everyone think of the Canon EOS series? I have been looking at the Elan. (I know the names are diffrent in Europe, but I don't know what it is?) Doses anyone have any input on this cam?
  • I found a lot of Cameras online. I still haven't decided on one though.
    As an after thought to help me aliminate some of the choices, can anyone tell me some of the features that you would not want to do without? I don't want to buy even a really good camera and then down the road be upset b/c of a camera feature I didn't think to make sure my new camera had.
  • thanks for all the advice.
    My budget probably caps off around $500.00. I would like to spend less then that though. I can't really buy until I get my student loan kickback, so I have the entire summer to make my choice and find the camera. I believe the camera has to offer (but not limited to) both manual exposure and focus.
  • film please
  • I'm a beginner, and taking classes at IU. I have to have a 35 mm with manual control capability. I don't really have any idea what to buy. I want to get something that is good for a beginner but I won't think was a waist of money after I have more experience. Also any accessories/lenses you think would be a good investment at this stage would be appreciated also.
  • Hello,
    I just joined, and wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I'm a student at Indiana University, majoring in General Studies, Minor in Fine Arts and concentration in Photography. I haven't gotten to any of my photography classes yet, and don't really think I have anything to contribute, or questions to ask.
    When I do, I have a feeling that this forum, and it's members are going to be invaluable. I have been browsing a little and can only hope to be half the photographer some of you are.