I've been a beginner for 20 years. I'm getting better though.

All comments welcome, and I'm happy to help if I can.
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A quick view of FatHandedChap's recent activity.

  • Walking the Dog...

    Stunningly different. Really captures the atmosphere.

    • 20 Jan 2009 9:33AM
  • Little Waves

    Great work as usual Katie.
    • 20 Jan 2009 9:27AM
  • Light Graffiti - Green Dragon

    Stunning image in both concept and execution.

    • 11 Dec 2008 10:40PM
  • That mill!

    I'll give you your RC, great shot of the mill. Must make it back there again myself some time.

    • 29 Sep 2008 2:51PM
  • * pink *

    Gald to see you've been getting plenty of practice in the studio Gill. You've got some great images of Kerri, keep up the good work.

    • 31 Jul 2008 11:12AM
  • Look, No Hands

    Great capture. That's Dan Whitby, he's a complete nutter. Saw him last year perform a backflip inside the local Honda dealership - his rear wheel was inches from the ceiling while he was upside down!

    You've managed to get a better shot than I could!

    • 4 Jul 2008 11:52AM
  • Southwold by Torchlight

    That's turned out really good and you can guaruntee that none of us will have that shot on our cards!

    Good to meet you this morning/middle of the night - we'll make it more reasonable time of day next time.

    • 29 Jun 2008 4:30PM

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