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Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to view my portfolio. I will always answer questions about my work if I can so feel free to send me a PM or contact me via my website.

ps - for the many who ask ... no I am not a vicar Smile
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  • Joem in Mono by GlynnisFrith

    That is fabulous!!
    • 7 Nov 2011 8:31PM
  • A Hint of Snow? by fatherpie

    Quote:Wot...No woody !!!!!

    I can't compete with you and Glyn Keith!
    • 7 Nov 2011 8:14PM
  • Mono by cassiecat

    WoW! Love this!
    • 7 Nov 2011 3:55PM
  • Kimmeridge by cassiecat

    You certainly achieved the moody look ... nicely done
    • 7 Nov 2011 3:54PM
  • Spring Goldfinch by teocali

    Excellent, such beautiful birds.
    • 7 Nov 2011 3:53PM
  • Time to reflect? by MrsS

    Interesting to see the journey you've been on photographically ... nothing wrong with this but your "eye" has certainly developed over the intervening years (if you don't mind me saying so of course).
    • 10 Aug 2011 1:06PM
  • Mind the Step by MrsS

    Make that 55 Smile
    Crack image and I'm just off to see how much you've improved Wink
    • 10 Aug 2011 1:02PM
  • Film, digital or both?

    Jacqui I have loads of slides going back a good 40 years and yes they are in pretty good condition, especially the Kodachrome. The colours are much as they were on the da...
    by fatherpie | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 18
  • Please back-up - NOW!

    Maybe but Backblaze don't seem to have any problems and are aimed at the same market.
    by fatherpie | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 17

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  • Posted on martinl's profile

    Quote:Guess that makes me a street photographer now

    Don't think one shot counts Tongue I do know however that you are a first class photographer though and I always enjoy visiting your gallery
    Kind Regards
    • 3 Aug 2009 8:41PM
  • Posted on SlowSong's profile

    Well, I pop back to your PF regularly, even when I'm not getting much chance to get on ePz, and always enjoy the visit. Thank you for sharing your view on the world.
    Kind Regards
    • 18 Jul 2009 10:17PM
  • Posted on FeatherFriend's profile

    Geoff - I have been visiting your PF on and off for a while but have just spent some time looking more closely. What I particularly like is the variety and of course each is wonderfully presented. I've added you to my Quick Links to ensure I always catch up to date with your work.
    Kind Regards
    • 10 Apr 2009 1:55PM
  • Posted on martin.w's profile

    What a treat! Just discovered your PF and what a feast for the eyes - superb doesn't begin to describe your work. Thanks for sharing
    • 7 Nov 2008 9:43PM
  • Posted on FeatherFriend's profile

    Geoff, it is your consistency which keeps me coming back week after week.
    • 19 Oct 2008 9:44PM
  • Posted on Blenkinsopp's profile

    Sandra, your portfolio is an absolute delight. I don't get anywhere near enough time every day to keep track of all the uploads on ePz but I have added you as a quick link to make sure I catch up every week. Great work and your commentary is always worth reading.
    Kind Regards
    • 9 Oct 2008 8:50AM
  • Posted on debster's profile

    Stunning seascapes Debbie. Shame I haven't got time to vote and comment on them all. Lovely stuff, I'll be back regularly.
    • 24 Sep 2008 9:54PM
  • Posted on Landlord's profile

    Phil, an inspiring set of images. Like Angi I'm bemused at the relative lack of votes - these are simply fabulous Sir!
    • 23 Sep 2008 8:19PM
  • Posted on JONTHELENS's profile

    Lovely PF, some vey imaginative ideas - more power to your shutter finger Sir!
    • 25 Aug 2008 10:14PM
  • Posted on VintageRed's profile

    Hi Nick, just had a flick through your PF. Great collection of images and a good variety of styles. I really like the way you process your images and the mono conversions are stunning.
    Kind Regards
    • 22 Aug 2008 8:55PM
  • Posted on LisaRose's profile

    You don't need me to tell you that your flowers and still life images are absolutely stunning. Like others here I'll return - have added you to my quick links.
    Keep up the great work
    Dave Wink
    • 9 Aug 2008 8:05AM
  • Posted on dawnmichelle's profile

    Finally got a chance to have a look at you PF tonight Dawn. A great variety of images - you seem to be my sort of photographer; try anything once! Thoroughly enjoyed my visit. It's a shame I don't have more time to spend on EZ, I'm often posting, clicking and running it seems! Great PF, thanks for sharing it and also for the amusing anecdotes on many of your posts. Kind Regards Dave
    • 31 Jul 2008 8:41PM
  • Posted on Sue_R's profile

    Sue, from first frame to the latest this is a stunning portfolio. If I had the time I'd vote for them all! I shall certainly be looking at your portfolio for inspiration for the few days I have booked in August to come north of the border.
    • 11 Jul 2008 8:39PM
  • Posted on Ian_Sweet's profile

    Your recent series of heavy machinery rank amongst the best I've seen of these types of shots. Great stuff. Regards Dave
    • 27 Jun 2008 11:20AM
  • Posted on Bob_V's profile

    Hi Bob, I've had a look through your portfolio and as others have said there are some fantastic mages there. Which makes your feedback on mine even more valued - very many thanks for your comments on my pictures it is very much appreciated.


    • 13 Jun 2008 4:04PM
  • Posted on Angi_Wallace's profile

    Angi, a real pleasure to look at your work. I am very new to fephotozine and also very new to flower photography and will definitely be checking back to your portfolio for inspiration! Regards Dave
    • 13 Jun 2008 1:31PM

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