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Activity : Photo Comments


Many thanks for taking the time and trouble to view my portfolio. I will always answer questions about my work if I can so feel free to send me a PM or contact me via my website.

ps - for the many who ask ... no I am not a vicar Smile
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  • Joem in Mono

    That is fabulous!!
    • 7 Nov 2011 8:31PM
  • A Hint of Snow?

    Quote:Wot...No woody !!!!!

    I can't compete with you and Glyn Keith!
    • 7 Nov 2011 8:14PM
  • Mono

    WoW! Love this!
    • 7 Nov 2011 3:55PM
  • Kimmeridge

    You certainly achieved the moody look ... nicely done
    • 7 Nov 2011 3:54PM
  • Spring Goldfinch

    Excellent, such beautiful birds.
    • 7 Nov 2011 3:53PM
  • Time to reflect?

    Interesting to see the journey you've been on photographically ... nothing wrong with this but your "eye" has certainly developed over the intervening years (if you don't mind me saying so of course).
    • 10 Aug 2011 1:06PM
  • Mind the Step

    Make that 55 Smile
    Crack image and I'm just off to see how much you've improved Wink
    • 10 Aug 2011 1:02PM
  • Weeds by the Sea

    Love the simplicity. They could almost be small birds perched on the ends
    • 6 Aug 2011 9:26PM
  • Arctic Tern - Contre Jour

    Quote:too bad about the clipped wing.

    I agree, this fella was VERY close to me. I was tempted to add the wing tip in post processing but decided to stay true. Thanks for commenting.
    • 25 Jul 2011 9:57PM
  • Hover

    Quote: I find them very photogenic

    Totally agree and you've captured this very nicely
    • 25 Jul 2011 9:52PM
  • Cheeky Woody

    Some cracking shots recently Keith!
    • 25 Jul 2011 9:47PM
  • cool and green and shady

    Fabulous detail and cracking contrast between the owl and the BG.
    • 25 Jul 2011 9:46PM
  • Inbound Puffin

    Not easy fellas to catch in flight - very nicely done!
    • 25 Jul 2011 9:45PM
  • Crocosmia

    Stands out beautifully from the background. Great choice of aperture and lovely composition. Trust you are well.
    • 21 Jul 2011 7:25PM
  • moody mono

    A GEA too? Told you it was a good 'un Smile
    • 21 Jul 2011 7:23PM
  • Acrobatic Attacker

    Thanks everyone and especial thanks to Brad for the UA which is very much appreciated - thank you!
    • 26 Jun 2011 2:24PM
  • The Next Daisy

    Lovely processing Ian
    • 17 Jun 2011 9:19PM
  • Evening Walk

    Lovely image
    • 1 Jun 2011 8:57PM
  • Nuthatch with or without nut ?

    I agree with Carol, both images show natural behaviour. The only thing the nut does do is possibly draw attention to the fact that the Nutty is probably at a feeding station I guess?
    • 28 May 2011 7:13AM
  • In the pinks

    Lovely capture
    • 27 May 2011 8:33PM
  • Sticks and Stones

    Love the "other worldly" feel
    • 27 May 2011 8:32PM
  • Blue Tit

    Great timing!
    • 27 May 2011 8:31PM
  • Prom night

    What a beautiful set of images. Well done to both of you
    • 27 May 2011 7:15PM
  • got my eyes on you

    How spooky! My image, uploaded immediately before yours is entitled "Eye can see you"! This fella certainly has his eye on you!
    • 23 May 2011 2:53PM
  • Come in number 56!

    About time it was "Come in Number 30 ...".
    Thanks for your continuing support Trev - apologies I've been posting and running lately.
    • 23 May 2011 2:39PM
  • Buckfast Abbey

    A real "cold toes" shot!
    • 22 May 2011 9:46PM
  • The Chapel of St Mary

    One for the shortlist for sure!
    • 22 May 2011 9:45PM
  • GSW

    On your own? I get two minders when I go along Wink
    ps - we saw this little fella too Smile
    • 22 May 2011 9:44PM
  • Farne Puffin

    Love the natural colours Keith. Just 4 weeks now?
    • 22 May 2011 9:43PM
  • Posing Woody

    Where's the squirrels? Wink
    Thanks again for Saturday Glyn - great to meet up, fabulous company and such service too!
    Kind Regards
    • 22 May 2011 9:42PM