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Currently building up a small portfolio and trying to try out new techniques and styles as much as possible.

I like street photography, especially street entertainers, food stalls, small alleys and anything that has a 'local' flavour.
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A quick view of featuredteacher's recent activity.

  • Which side was he on?

    Nice shot. Cambodia is one of my favourite countries, the Khmers really are a friendly bunch of people.

    I'm not sure what to make of his expression here. He could be annoyed at the camera (which for me is a problem - I'm not a fan of the aggressive photo-tourists in SEA!), or that could be just an expression on his face. Well, you seem like a nice guy, I'm sure you asked before you took the photo!

    There's a great book by photo-journalist Nic Dunlop called the lost executioner about Comrade Duch (very relevant if you followed the news last year), and another (far more incredible) called 'When Broken Glass Floats', if you want to read more about the Khmer Rouge.
    • 7 Feb 2011 6:20PM
  • Sunset on the Amalfitano coast


    I can see what you were going for here, and the blue and yellow tones in the fringes of the sky are great against the black cloud.

    Still, I think the sun dominates the composition too much. It's a massive blob of over-exposure (that viscious white colour) in the top center of the frame. I think the real problem is that the photo might have been taken whilst the sun was too high and too bright. Others can probably guide you better, but there's truly no shortage of sunsets in the galleries, it might be worth looking at some good ones to figure out when to take the best photos. Waiting half an hour an hour here, I feel, would probably have paid dividends.

    Other quick tips for this kind of photography
    - rule of thirds - a little overplayed (in my opinion), but generally its better to put things on the thirds. Your camera probably has a setting which will show you where the thirds are in the viewfinder. Lining the horizon up with one of the thirds will make it look a bit more balanced. Also, using the guidelines will help keep the horizon straight.
    - if the colour of the sea isn't that flattering, try to leave it out as much as possible. This could mean putting it on the bottom third, but in this picture it might have actually been better left out almost enitirely. Kneeling down then zooming in so that the cusp of that back wave and a narrow slip of the sea is all that was visible could have helped. As it is, the sea is very dominant but its also gray not as interesting as the sky.
    - finally, if the sun is bright in the sky but very low like this, whilst you're waiting for it to get lower, try turning around and shooting some stuff on the beach instead! The sun has different coloured light at different times of the day, and at this point late in the evening it will give everything a stunningly warm tone and long, interesting shadows.

    Hope that helps.
    • 24 Jan 2011 6:19PM
  • Street Barbecue

    Thanks everyone. There was lots of genuinely very useful and constructive advice there that'll be really helpful for the next time I go out.

    "You may have to buy some of the food but I guess that's no great hardship"

    Trust me: not a problem Smile
    • 8 Jan 2011 6:03AM
  • 'New Bombay'

    Nice photo. The people all seem very natural / unposed which makes the image really interesting.
    • 7 Jan 2011 12:08PM
  • old man

    Hold up - is that a real free house?

    Is it the last in Britain?
    • 4 Jan 2011 12:08AM
  • Untitled

    Incredible image. Really interesting.
    • 3 Jan 2011 6:30PM
  • Raining Outside

    Nice street photo. I like photos where the subject is looking quizzically at the photographer - adds some interest! I like your portfolio too.
    • 3 Jan 2011 5:35PM
  • Great portfolio. You seem to be doing excellent work with an exciting subject. I've also enoyed browsing through all of the pics.
    • Posted on mrjt's profile
    • 28 Jun 2010 12:42PM