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Thoroughly enjoying life with my DSLR. I started with a Canon 350D and now have a 30D - many thanks to my husband Gomez for that!

I'm very much still learning about photography but feel I'm in the right place - having seen some of the images on this site, I certainly have plenty to learn! Enjoying the challenge, though.

Favourite subjects at the moment are woodlands, beaches and my two dogs.

Favourite photographers are Joe Cornish, Laurie Campbell, Niall Benvie, Charlie Waite, and Colin Prior.

I've started the Art of Photography course through the Open College of the Arts, (but haven't really done anything for it over the winter - looking forward to spring and lots of inspiration!!). I'm a member of Livingston Camera Club and am learning plenty from there, too.

I welcome any comments / suggestions / etc on my Portfolio images - I've learned such a lot from this already. Many thanks in advance for any time you take to look at my images, and I hope you enjoy them.


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