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I am an amateur photographer based in England. My main interests are photographing the English countryside and photographing gardens.
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I am an enthusiastic amateur photographer based in England. My main interest is photographing the English countryside: not the spectacular bits of mountains and moorlands, but the 'green and pleasant land' that most of see most of the time. Through my photography, I want to get people to appreciate the interest and the beauty that surrounds them in their everyday life. I am very much project orientated, and like to have a project on the go at all times. My current project is photographing my local country park (just 92 acres) through the year (see my blog A year in the park ). I am already planning my next project which is to photograph the countryside within 5 miles of my home and to match my images to poems written by someone else. Unfortunately, as yet I have not yet found a poet to collaborate with. My other main photographic interests besides the family is photographing gardens.

Within the genre of landscape photography, I have two particular interests. Firstly, I like intimate landscapes as I find such images with there restricted range highlight things that most people just do not notice. Secondly, I am interested in using colour the way that black and white photographers use tone ie to highlight certain aspects of the scene, and to add/change the emotion associated with the image. This, of course, involves post capture changes. I find this very difficult with little in the literature or examples of changing mood by selectively changing saturation levels for instance.


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