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I am an amateur photographer based in England. My main interests are photographing the English countryside, gardens and flowers. But, for various reasons, not the least the pandemic, I now photograph mainly flowers.
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  • Posted on: 11 Things Photographers Can Do During The Coronavirus Outbreak

    Interesting reading.

    Having (rashly) agreed to give a talk on garden photography to a local gardening club, I had already started on the long haul of cataloging my images. Enforced inactivity has left me with no excuses.

    I am finding two things are coming out of this 'stop and look at what you've done before doing anything else':
    firstly:the uncomfortable feeling that maybe my photography hasn't improved at all in 10 years; and,
    secondly, and more positively, I've had a number of good interesting ideas that I have never really followed up after the first couple of sessions. So,I'm making a bucket list of all these ideas I want to follow up, and the places I'd like to return to.

    • 19 Mar 2020 7:31PM

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  • Posted on LynneJoyce's profile

    What a wonderful portfolio.
    • 15 Apr 2022 2:12PM
  • Posted on pink's profile

    wonderful portfolio. Really enjoyed looking through it.
    • 18 Jan 2022 2:18PM
  • Posted on deejay10's profile

    An excellent and very varied portfolio. Look forward to seeing more of your work.
    • 22 Nov 2021 6:19PM
  • Posted on LittleTaffia's profile

    There are some really fine landscapes in your portfolio.
    • 8 Nov 2021 2:16PM
  • Posted on Wireworkzzz's profile

    Terrific portfolio
    • 26 Oct 2021 6:32AM
  • Posted on chase's profile

    Superb portfolio. I love your still life pictures.
    • 21 Oct 2021 2:17PM
  • Posted on chris-p's profile

    Superb portfolio of landscapes.
    • 20 Oct 2021 6:17PM
  • Posted on gconant's profile

    Absolutely superb portfolio.
    • 15 Oct 2021 6:05AM
  • Posted on bricurtis's profile

    Absolutely stunning portfolio
    • 14 Oct 2021 4:51PM
  • Posted on SueLeonard's profile

    Very good images. I like your flower photographs, and also the water droplet series I thought were quite stunning.
    • 14 Oct 2021 2:28PM
  • Posted on BobbyMS's profile

    Love the reflections images.
    • 3 Oct 2021 7:38PM
  • Posted on RonDM's profile

    Very impressive portfolio
    • 30 Sep 2021 4:12PM
  • Posted on fotobee's profile

    Really impressive portfolio
    • 25 Sep 2021 7:45PM
  • Posted on adagio's profile

    You have created a collection of some quite stunning images.
    • 23 Sep 2021 2:21PM
  • Posted on bobpaige1's profile

    Excellent portfolio of natural history images
    • 18 Sep 2021 7:26PM
  • Posted on suemart's profile

    Love your portfolio. Some great work in there.
    • 13 Sep 2021 2:07PM
  • Posted on Danny1970's profile

    Super portfolio.
    • 28 Aug 2021 6:34PM
  • Posted on Chinga's profile

    • 26 Aug 2021 6:02PM
  • Posted on Joline's profile

    Great portfolio. I particularly like your use of coloured frames around the lilies.
    • 26 Aug 2021 2:41PM
  • Posted on whatriveristhis's profile

    I really like your monochrome work.
    • 25 Aug 2021 2:21PM
  • Posted on whatriveristhis's profile

    Some really stunning monochrome images in your portfolio which I am going to keep coming back to, as I am sure I can learn lots.
    • 18 Aug 2016 10:18AM
  • Posted on jeanie's profile

    A portfolio to be proud of.
    • 10 Aug 2016 7:28PM
  • Posted on douglasR's profile

    Great portfolio. I am unlikely to get back to Scotland in the next couple of years, so I'll enjoy your photos instead.
    • 9 Jul 2016 3:04PM
  • Posted on MandyD's profile

    Your flower arrangement photographs are stunning. Looking forward to seeing more from you.
    • 6 Jun 2016 5:04PM
  • Posted on mashwood10's profile

    Impressive portfolio. I am particularly impressed by photos of foliage, as leaves and the like are a far more difficult subject to create stunning images from.
    • 28 May 2016 3:24PM

Limited to latest 30 results.