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I am an amateur photographer based in England. My main interests are photographing the English countryside, gardens and flowers. But, for various reasons, not the least the pandemic, I now photograph mainly flowers.
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  • Autumn Colours on a Grey Day

    Yet another grey overcast Sunday morning. It is the time of year when it barely seems to get light, and doesn't inspire one to go out, let alone take photographs. Fishermen used to call conditions like this sprat weather, in the mistaken belief, it ...0


    15 Nov 2021 6:12PM  |  Read


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  • Black and White Squares 6

    This week our Sunday walk was through Milton village to Milton Country park. I did not expect to be writing anything this week, as we had our granddaughter staying with us for the weekend. So, it was very much a case of snatching photos for this ...0


    25 Oct 2021 2:31PM  |  Read


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  • Another Grey Day

    Today was yet another grey day. Not quite so bad as last week, when the rain set in almost as soon as we set off on the walk, and I got no usable photographs at all. I did do a little better this week. I am still without my Olympus. I am told t...0


    17 Oct 2021 6:43PM  |  Read


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  • A Grey Day in Autumn

    Back on home soil, my walk today was around Quy Fen. Right from the start, things did not look promising. It was a dull day, beneath an undifferentiated grey sky. If it were not for this blog, quite frankly, I would have left my camera at home. I ...0


    3 Oct 2021 7:17PM  |  Read


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  • Southwold Harbour

    This week I am on holiday in Suffolk, so my Sunday morning walk with the dog was a circular walk around Southwold Common and Southwold Harbour. Still keeping to square format black and white images with no post processing. The walk started by the ...0


    27 Sep 2021 6:22PM  |  Read


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  • Squares Week 2

    I think I must have had quite a lot of beginner's luck last week, because, this Sunday, I really struggled with the challenge I have set myself: square, black and white images, straight out of camera. Producing images straight out of camera is rathe...0


    19 Sep 2021 7:18PM  |  Read


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  • Black and White Squares

    I have set myself a challenge: to take photographs on our Sunday morning dog walk and post them on this blog straight out of camera. I have a sort of half idea that I would like to use a film camera, but I not sure how good any of my photographs wou...0


    12 Sep 2021 2:14PM  |  Read


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  • Sun Kissed

    Inspired by reading John Blakemore's book 'Black and White Photography Workshop', I decided to give monochrome photography a try. So I set my camera (Olympus O_MD 5 Mk 2) to record in black and white and set out to see what the world looked like p...0


    6 Aug 2017 2:34PM  |  Read


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  • Merry Christmas

    From the archives, Milton Country Park on Christmas Day, 2010. The one and only time in my life, that I have seen snow on Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you all.0


    25 Dec 2016 7:44AM  |  Read


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  • Empty Botlle Filter

    My local club recently held a table top photography practical evening. I experimented by shooting through a couple of the empty wine bottles someone had brought in. The result was this most abstract image. The flat dark areas on the bottom remin...0


    14 Dec 2016 7:00PM  |  Read


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  • Pinhole Lens

    I have splashed the cash (16.99 to be precise) and bought a Holga pinhole lens for my Olympus EM5 mk2. Here are a few of my first efforts. Black and white seems right for a pinhole image, though I have a couple of coloured ones below. I love the...0


    24 Aug 2016 10:58AM  |  Read


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  • High Sweden Bridge

    As part of my workflow for processing images, I routinely make colour based decompositions of the image to use as the basis for layer maps. I use either HSV or LAB decompositions. The reason I use this method is that the vast majority of my image...0


    3 Aug 2016 9:03AM  |  Read


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  • Seeing

    One of the joys of photography is that it lets us see things that we cannot normally see or would not normally look at. In my local country park, there is a sensory garden, which contains a wooden seat with a carved back. I have been in that gard...0


    20 Jul 2016 9:35AM  |  Read


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  • One for the critics

    When I am not photographing the countryside, I spend a lot of time taking pictures of the family dog. I have spent many hours, and thousands of shutter clicks, trying to get action shots of her. Given my snail-like reaction times, I have a lot of...0


    6 Jul 2016 8:59AM  |  Read


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  • Padley Gorge

    I was in the Peak DIstrict last week, and amongst other places walked through Padley Gorge. But it wasn't the stream and its little waterfalls that inspired me, but the woods at the visitor centre end. With the twisted trunks, and the boulder strew...0


    29 Jun 2016 6:42PM  |  Read


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