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A quick view of fibonacci's recent activity.


    I remember every day the feeling of numb helplesness and unspeakable gratitude to people like you as my twin boys, born at 28 weeks battled to hold on to life by the slenderest of threads...the list of insults to their little bodies was endless....I phoned the unit every morning as I woke to find out if they were alive or dead...

    When the oxygen support was damaging the eyes of little matti, and he had to be weaned nurse sat on a stool next to his incubator through a 12 hour shift..she didn't take her break, or even go to the toilet the whole day...she just nudged him gently when he forgot to breathe...

    There are no words...none at all..

    And last thursday when they cellebrated their 17 th birthday with an expensive meal, and were excitedly discussing starting their driving lessons...I looked at them, and remembered you.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful shot..

    click !
    • 22 Apr 2006 10:42AM
  • danse macabre

    Thanks ...

    This was taken with just the old Fuji S7000..handheld on super macro setting.
    Resolution set to 12mp..

    I never sharpen my images in RGB mode...I convert to Lab Color and switch off all chanels except lightness and apply USM with 200%, rad =1, threshold 0...switch all chanels back on and convert back to RGB. This technique reduces banding and sharp edge halos..

    Hope this helps

    • 9 Sep 2005 9:59AM
  • another brick in the wall

    Thanks very much for that Keith.

    • 16 Mar 2005 10:57AM
  • Eye Contact

    I love this shot...tones and rendition are superb.
    Well done
    • 13 Mar 2005 2:22AM
  • in thought...

    • 13 Feb 2005 2:14AM
  • "Give us this day"

    Great shot, lovely composition and superb title.
    • 13 Feb 2005 2:06AM
  • Skin Deep

    Thanks for the Clik covey.

    The texture image is overlayed onto the background image and the opacity is reduced until the desired effect is achieved. The composite layers are the flattened and contrast, levels and curves are adjusted.

    Look at Carmen Fuchs gallery if you want to see mastery of this technique.

    Best regards

    • 11 Feb 2005 4:25PM
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