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This is where I play and experiment around with new ideas, styles and techniques.
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A quick view of firehorse's recent activity.

  • Grave Details by firehorse

    Thanks for the comments. Ray, the image is from a digtial camera, the colors and grainy effects come from fiddling with in in Photoshop.
    • 16 Nov 2006 2:17AM
  • Fog by firehorse

    Thanks for all of the comments, it was quite a night for photographing, I'm glad the images are appreciated Smile
    • 17 Oct 2006 1:19AM
  • Flowers by firehorse

    Thanks for the comments Smile I was experimenting with complex/strange compositions and positioning.
    • 16 Aug 2006 6:24PM
  • Northern Exposure by firehorse

    It was all 'as shot' and 'auto' settings in CS2. It seemed to really like this image...
    • 7 Jul 2006 2:40PM
  • Light and shades by firehorse

    This was actually a "warm-up" shot before a portrait session. I was testing to see if the camera was working....
    • 14 Jun 2006 5:10AM
  • Abstract Reflection 3 by firehorse

    Thanks a lot. My favorite was #1, because there was so much going on in the image. My goal is to "post to inspire other photographers" (or at least try to Smile
    • 26 May 2006 2:36PM
  • Two Flowers by firehorse

    Thanks for all of the comments. I'm not really sure what the name of this plant is. I was just wondering around the greenhouse shooting various species, and not paying too much attention to their names Smile
    • 14 May 2006 5:56AM
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  • Tiff Mode

    EDIT - just read your initial question again, no I don't cant shoot tiff on my D70. Info below maybe of no use but I'll leave it as I've type now!! Original Post I...
    by david_h | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 5
  • The click debate - hopefully the final one!

    As long as I get to interact with all of the very good photographers and enthusiasts on EPZ, I'm happy. I've learned so much in the past 6 months that I can't believe it...
    by Pete | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 451

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