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Welcome to my portfolio,
I hope you enjoy viewing these few images. If any of them have piqued your interest, engaged or provoked attention, then your feedback is appreciated. Any technical / creative critique or suggestions are always welcome.
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Inspired by the art of the ancient Greeks and the natural world, along with the work of so many skilled photographers, sculptors and painters, both past and present.

‘The Doryphoros’ by Polykleitos
Myron’s ‘Discobolus’
‘The Three Graces’ by Canova (Met, NYC)
(all depicting stunning ‘contrapposto’, relaxation and tension, extension and flexion, rhythmos and symmetria. Or, perhaps as Heraclitus might put it, BIÓS BIOS - life is a bow.)

The beautiful simplicity but essential essence of the Ancient Greek bronze ‘hippos’ sculptures of the Geometric Period.
The Parthenon sculptures by Pheidias
Michelangelo’s ‘Pieta’
The Mannerist style of Giambologna’s ‘Rape of the Sabine Women’
Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’ (Paolo and Francesca) and the strident and powerfully dynamic ‘Iris: Messenger of the God’s’

And then there’s paintings…. and vases…and…

Translating these concepts into the modern world or to images captured from the natural world are as equally compelling.


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