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Hm... about time I updated this. I made the change from a 35mm compact to digital SLR about 11 years ago now and I'm hopefully a bit beyond a beginner now!

I'm based in Havant, Hampshire having moved from the sticks in Kent in 2010. Main attraction to Hampshire was my girlfriend (now wife) lived there. The butterflies opportunities are much better too. It's a bit built up round here. I'm used to having sheep as neighbours, and it's not quite that here, but it's not at all far to some pretty impressive places for butterflies and most people don't like getting up at 5am so I'm away before places get busy.

My main interest Wildlife photography. Mainly macro, especially butterflies. Really good Macro gear is much more affordable than really good birding gear and I'm not one for sitting in hides waiting for things to come along. I'd much rather go find things. I occasionally can fluke a good bird or landscape shot though!

Love to travel for my butterflies. France and Switzerland are my two favourite places. Congo was pretty hot for butterflies in my fishing days though too! I don't get to do the adventure fishing so much any more, though I am keeping an eye on a possible trip to Guyana in the not too distant future which could have some impressive wildlife thrown in!


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