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Welcome to my world!
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A quick view of fishiee's recent activity.

  • Sigma 150 OS Macro - any experience?

    "You did well if you saw large tortoiseshells" I know, 2 of the darn things back when we had the really warm spell a few weeks ago and less than 400 yards fro...
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  • Software for hard drive synchronization

    "Quote:So I pay 50/year for 100GB That sounds extremely expensive, especially if you have several Terabytes of photos.I use BackBlaze $50 a year for unlimited sto...
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  • NEC 2090uxi and Epson R1800 calibration

    Best to use separate kit for each device unless spending a lot of money. The NEC is not good with a Spyder 2. Use an Eye One Display 2 or similar.
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  • Getting a new TFT at last. Couple of quick questions

    The HC one is the one I have heard a lot of bad things about. I was all set to get the non-HC version until they replaced it with the HC version and can't find the older ...
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  • Need some tripod advice

    Hi, Thanks for the info. I think now I'll be going for the MF055 with 4-section legs as it's the most compact and lightweight option. And on top probably the 322RC...
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  • Formby point

    There are plenty of Guest houses and B&B's in the area too - - - can't really recommend them as I've never stayed in any of them but this might be of help I can recomm...
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  • Canon S5IS or something better?

    I have found that most quality compacts produce very acceptable quality photos in good light at no more than 100ISO. Once flash is used my experience has been dire- dont ...
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  • Posted on MaryMac's profile


    I found your profile from a comment on one of my photos. All things I love to photograph myself. Especially butterflies. I get to Africa at least once a year and I always try to photograph them then. You are very spoilt to be living in a place with such wildlife variety!
    • 29 Jan 2008 9:21PM
  • Posted on mattberry's profile

    First one here? Surely not!

    One of the best butterfly shooters on EPZ. Alas we all have a certain French guy amongst us with a seemingly endless supply of subjects who keeps hogging the top spot!!

    Oh, and there is that thing you have about fungi Wink

    Cracking portfolio Matt which is one of my highlights on EPZ!
    • 2 Dec 2005 1:26PM
  • Posted on Davina's profile

    Nice portfolio... some really great shots here.

    I guess you thought the same of mine also since you decided to steal my image for your own use on other sites without so much as a click as a way of thanks as you stole it. Cheers!

    I wonder if you honoured the others whose images you stole with a click?
    • 18 Mar 2006 2:50PM
  • Posted on geoffash26's profile

    Not seen this box before and looks like I am the first here!

    All I can say is you are a master of many fields Geoff!
    • 30 Nov 2005 2:03PM
  • Posted on Ade_Osman's profile

    Ah... I see we have a new feature!

    A fantastic portfolio Ade. One of my favourites both for the photography and the natural history in the pictures.

    The full size images are one good incentive for me to renew my E2 subscription in a couple of weeks when it runs out!
    • 1 Dec 2005 1:55PM
  • Posted on celestun's profile

    Bin 'em. Bin 'em all I say! Wink

    That way the rest of us don't look so bad. The undisputed EPZ king of the flutterbys.
    • 3 Dec 2005 11:03AM
  • Posted on Ade_Osman's profile

    I meant to add that I know know what the custom image we can upload is meant for having looked at yours!
    • 1 Dec 2005 1:57PM

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