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Welcome to my world!
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A quick view of fishiee's recent activity.

  • Sanderling

    That's a sanderling not a dunlin Smile
    • 15 Mar 2019 7:58AM
  • Kingfisher

    Very nice! Marked as adult? Had to remember my password to see it. Got me all excited only to find it was after all just a kingfisher! 😂😂😂
    • 7 Feb 2019 4:52PM
  • Southern Swallowtail

    Quality! One I'd love to see myself!!
    • 19 Dec 2018 8:28PM
  • Black Veined White

    Quality shot. I'm getting itchy feet for a trip to the continent this spring I think!!!
    • 27 Jan 2018 2:25PM
  • Adonis Blue Butterfly

    Lovely shot but it's an Adonis Blue Smile
    • 17 Jan 2018 1:57PM
  • Yellow Banded Skipper.

    Stunning shot Nigel! A species on my wanted list. Didn't realise they occurred in France? Where about did you capture this? I was planning on heading to Bulgaria to search these out next year maybe...
    • 11 Mar 2015 5:30AM
  • Lesser Spotted Fritillary


    Attractive perch, superb detail in this scale perfect specimen and a great pose. Can't get much better than this!
    • 26 Feb 2015 6:37AM
  • Hi,

    I found your profile from a comment on one of my photos. All things I love to photograph myself. Especially butterflies. I get to Africa at least once a year and I always try to photograph them then. You are very spoilt to be living in a place with such wildlife variety!
    • Posted on MaryMac's profile
    • 29 Jan 2008 9:21PM
  • First one here? Surely not!

    One of the best butterfly shooters on EPZ. Alas we all have a certain French guy amongst us with a seemingly endless supply of subjects who keeps hogging the top spot!!

    Oh, and there is that thing you have about fungi Wink

    Cracking portfolio Matt which is one of my highlights on EPZ!
  • Nice portfolio... some really great shots here.

    I guess you thought the same of mine also since you decided to steal my image for your own use on other sites without so much as a click as a way of thanks as you stole it. Cheers!

    I wonder if you honoured the others whose images you stole with a click?
    • Posted on Davina's profile
    • 18 Mar 2006 2:50PM
  • Not seen this box before and looks like I am the first here!

    All I can say is you are a master of many fields Geoff!
  • Ah... I see we have a new feature!

    A fantastic portfolio Ade. One of my favourites both for the photography and the natural history in the pictures.

    The full size images are one good incentive for me to renew my E2 subscription in a couple of weeks when it runs out!
  • Bin 'em. Bin 'em all I say! Wink

    That way the rest of us don't look so bad. The undisputed EPZ king of the flutterbys.
  • I meant to add that I know know what the custom image we can upload is meant for having looked at yours!