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Activity : Photo Comments


Welcome to my world!
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  • Black Veined White

    Quality shot. I'm getting itchy feet for a trip to the continent this spring I think!!!
    • 27 Jan 2018 2:25PM
  • Adonis Blue Butterfly

    Lovely shot but it's an Adonis Blue Smile
    • 17 Jan 2018 1:57PM
  • Yellow Banded Skipper.

    Stunning shot Nigel! A species on my wanted list. Didn't realise they occurred in France? Where about did you capture this? I was planning on heading to Bulgaria to search these out next year maybe...
    • 11 Mar 2015 5:30AM
  • Lesser Spotted Fritillary


    Attractive perch, superb detail in this scale perfect specimen and a great pose. Can't get much better than this!
    • 26 Feb 2015 6:37AM
  • Adonis Blue 2014 No 4

    Super shot there Adrian!

    Interesting to see you've swapped the 7D for a 6D. Have you tried it for macro yet? I tried a 5D (II I think) several years ago. Great for noise but depth of field on full frame was a bit of an issue for me so I've rejected full frame ever since. The new 50MP 5D's with crop mode might tempt me to have another look as it effectively gives the same cropped image I get now with the 70D and the option of a beast of a full frame image for landscapes or distant macro/wildlife stuff where depth of field is less of a problem. I've been envious of the high res Nikon's for a while now and might have swapped over to them if my old camera and macro lens didn't both die on me just days before holidays in each case!
    • 25 Feb 2015 9:56AM
  • Western Dappled White.

    Awesome shot Nigel. Pin sharp throughout. Great colours, excellent composition. Can't get any better than this.

    Winter is long... spring can't be far off now surely!! Smile
    • 23 Feb 2015 10:24PM
  • Male Stonechat (Saxicola rubicola)

    Superb shot Derek. Great pose and nice complementary background. Been chasing a few of these at my local patch recently but not with such good results as this!
    • 23 Feb 2015 10:23PM
  • Brambling (Fringilla montifringilla)

    Stunning shot of a stunning bird. Not something we get down this way. Don't think I've ever seen one myself!
    • 12 Feb 2015 5:48PM
  • new born

    A great event to see and photograph but needs more depth of field!!

    I notice in the exif data for a lot of your shots you use something like f4.5 so only a tiny part of the image is in focus. If you go to f8-f10 or even more you would have much better results.
    • 7 Feb 2015 9:34PM
  • Sriped Lychnis

    Really great shot Andy. You should learn how to resize and sharpen before uploading they it would look even better still!

    Funnily enough I was looking at my shots of these yesterday!
    • 31 Jan 2015 10:38PM
  • Male Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

    Some real stunners Derek!

    Only ever seen two of these and never managed a photograph. One on the target list for the future hopefully!!
    • 31 Jan 2015 10:36PM
  • Bearded Tit

    Stunning shot John!

    One of my favourite local birds, but despite many visits I don't see them often and getting a photo is a real challenge! I can imagine the combination of wind and low light made this pretty challenging and to get such a great shot is a massive achievement in those conditions!!
    • 31 Jan 2015 10:35PM
  • Marbled White

    Awesome detail and depth of field. Great POV!!
    • 27 Jan 2015 5:18PM
  • Iridescent Clouds in the Pyrenees

    That's got to be some sight to see for real. Just as an image it doesn't look like something at all natural!

    I can imagine the wind is doing all sorts of weird things up there to generate these!
    • 12 Jan 2015 5:11PM
  • Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus)

    Another cracker. One of my favourite birds. Love the rain drops!
    • 12 Jan 2015 5:08PM
  • Pearl Bordered Fritillary

    Superb shot Nigel. Great to find one in this pose on something that can hold it up that isn't at the same time hiding it from this angle. Very nicely done!

    Great angle too to get everything in focus within those couple of millimetres you have to play with! Smile
    • 12 Jan 2015 5:06PM
  • what have we here?

    Duper shot Carol! I saw lots of these exo skeletons in Portugal. Would love to see one if these when they batch. Is thus one from last year?
    • 11 Jan 2015 10:42PM
  • Female Reed Bunting 3

    Super detailed shot and great colours too!
    • 11 Jan 2015 10:39PM
  • Wild Kestrel having some breakfast

    Simply stunning behaviour shot!!
    • 11 Jan 2015 10:37PM
  • Grey Wagtail

    Awesome shot of a stunning bird!

    Love the low angle. You did pretty well to get this close. In my experience they are not the most approachable of birds and always very active!
    • 10 Jan 2015 5:25PM
  • California Ground Squirrel

    Very nice shot! I read in the paper a couple of guys have been climbing that rock in the background for a fortnight almost and are only half way up!
    • 9 Jan 2015 5:16PM
  • Adonis Blue

    Super details, nice complimentary background and an interesting seed head - what is that?

    Counting down the weeks...
    • 9 Jan 2015 5:09PM
  • Green Sandpiper

    Lovely shot. The white ring around the eye really catches your attention!

    Not sure if I've seen one of these before. Need to learn my birds!
    • 8 Jan 2015 10:33PM
  • Formby Red squirrel

    Some superb shots there! I had heard they had done well the past couple of years and was almost tempted to have a few days up there over the Christmas break. Think I will have to next Christmas now. Had a couple of trips up there following your great shots from there a few years ago. The first trip was excellent with loads if them but saw just one the following year and then found out about the squirrel pox getting most of them. Excellent news their numbers are back up again!!
    • 4 Jan 2015 3:02PM
  • Dartford Warbler

    Super shot! I've only ever seen two of these, managed to point a camera at one of those and get a couple of poor shots before a dog walker spooked it never to be seen again. It's one on my target list for the future!
    • 3 Jan 2015 5:35PM
  • beauty

    Not sure what is more stunning. The butterfly or the amazing grass! Excellent capture!

    I would maybe have given a fraction more space at the bottom of the image, but otherwise perfect!!
    • 24 Nov 2014 11:13PM
  • Steppe Grey Shrike

    Another stunning shot of a stunning bird!
    • 2 Nov 2014 10:28PM
  • Hoopoe

    Two stunning shots of a stunning bird! Must be a once in a lifetime experience to be able to get close to one of these in the UK!
    • 2 Nov 2014 10:27PM
  • Autumn at Nagshead

    Lovely atmospheric shot. The one thing that bugs me is the number on the tree on the right. I'd clone that out myself as it's a bit of a distraction!
    • 2 Nov 2014 10:25PM
  • new born

    Great moment in time captured perfectly! It's a shot I dream of myself but have never been fortunate enough to have the opportunity yet. One day hopefully!!!
    • 2 Nov 2014 10:22PM