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My name is “Martin Barbara”, I am 49 years old and I’m from Malta. Well there is not much to say about me, but as you can clearly tell, my hobby is photography. Nothing professional just YET, but my hopes are there. If you ask me to take a photo shoot it would be my pleasure, unfortunately I have never attended an art school. On this website, I will be sharing my photographs of the beauty, nature, culture and even the history of Malta. Earlier, I used to paint a lot, and I have discovered that I have talent. I have gained experience from it and therefore I do understand how perspective images and colors do work and realizing how images flow. My photographs are taken by a Cannon EOS 7D and for the result I use a Software Image Editor to edit my photos. I can clearly say that I take my hobby seriously and I wait for the perfect shots to be taken. For future reference I am working on a website also working on a book which is filled all of my work.


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