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Not much to say here ... still learning the craft, trying to improve and enjoying the process Smile

No specific focus when it comes to photography, though travel, urban and landscape are the most frequent ones I do. Would like to do more sports photography, but the opportunity hasn't presented itself yet.
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  • Kunsthistorisches Museum (Museum of Art History)

    Thanks all for your comments, they are highly appreciated!

    As for the higher viewpoint - I walked around for almost half an hour to find a better viewpoint but unfortunately that was the best I was able to do. There just simply is no way of getting higher unless with the use of a platform or ladder (which I don't have at my disposal). There would be higher ground (10 steps or so) on the other side of the building, but then I'd have the statue facing away from me Sad

    As for all the other hints and tips - thanks a lot and you can be assured that they will be followed when I retake the shot. If I can take the shot soon I'll post it as a mod.

    Thanks again and have a good week!
    • 4 Apr 2016 7:42AM
  • Cheetah

    Thanks a lot for your input and tips. As always, they are much appreciated!

    I actually tried to focus on the eyes, because in some wildlife tutorial (might have been here on ephotozine) it said to always focus on the eyes of the animals Smile Although I have to admit it was not that easy at 300mm and without tripod.

    If you are in the mood for some of the other pics, feel free to drop by on flickr. I have uploaded some there. Here's the link: (I hope this link works. If not, look up my username FloKlinge)
    • 1 Jun 2015 8:05PM
  • Mystic Winter Forest

    Thanks a lot for all your comments and ideas. It appears that I have ways to go when it comes to post processing Smile But who would expect different considering that this was my first real attempt at it.

    Thanks also for the great modifications. The last one from TanyaH looks terrific. I wish I would be able to produce such a pic. However, all your input might get me there at some point.
    I'd also like to mention that it's great that you always add how you modified the pic. Makes it a whole lot easier to learn from it. Keep up the excellent work!

    Thanks again all and have a good start to the week!

    PS: you might wanna take a look at my portfolio tonight, I'll add a very nice (imo) shot I took on Saturday. Will not be put into the critique forum though ...
    • 13 Apr 2015 10:04AM
  • Spring sheep

    Thanks all for your input.

    I agree, a smaller aperture would have been better. The reason for the large apperture was, that I didn't want the building in the background disturb the overall picture. Too bad the sheep was a birthday gift and I don't have it anymore, ie no retaking the pic Smile

    It was my fault not checking the histogram after the shot. Would have avoided the highlight clipping ... but there are just so many things to think of (for a beginner) Wink

    Again, thanks all for your input and have a nice Sunday!
    • 22 Mar 2015 9:00AM
  • Salzburg at dawn

    thanks for the adjustments!
    do you think there is anything i could have done better/different at shooting the pic (except balancing it properly)?
    • 16 Dec 2014 1:10PM
  • Mirafall waterfall (Lower Austria)

    Thanks Blush
    • 11 Nov 2014 8:58AM
  • Mountain in clouds

    Pamela, Moira, Mike, Paul, dudler ... I've got to admit, I'm a little speechless. Your feedback, your suggestions, ideas, tips and the modifications you posted are absolutely awesome.

    Please take a second and put yourself in my shoes. It's only a few months now that I have a DSLR and it took me the better of June and July to work my way through David Busch's D3100 book. Ever since then I tried to shoot when I had a bit of spare time. However, since I don't know anybody that has at least a basic understanding of photography I'm quite reliant on books you guys to help me take a few steps forward. And let me say this again - with all your ideas above you've really done a wonderful job!
    Especially the mindset towards photography that you're suggesting is a great inspiration. I doubt that any book, literature or website is able to deliver the devotion and passion you show and try to deliver.

    Please allow me a bit of time to work through your ideas and comments (plus I'm away for a long weekend starting tomorrow until next Wednesday Smile ). I'll work on the shot with Elements and see where it gets me. I hope you don't mind if I contact one or the other if I have any follow-up questions on your suggestions and ideas.

    One last thing - Pamela, I really love the black and white adjustment. Takes the shot a bit closer to how it really was up there on the mountain.

    Oh, and if you're interested in a few other photos that I took up there, I posted them on my flickr account. Just look up the username FloKlinge and take a look at the album Serles. Hope you enjoy them Smile

    I wish you all a nice weekend and am looking forward to discussing this and other shots with you in the future!!!
    • 21 Aug 2014 11:26PM

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