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  • Dropped it

    What a superb shot ! (pity I have given my awards away) Regards Martin
    • 1 Mar 2019 7:28AM
  • That must be soooo cold!

    What a beautiful bikini !!! (And the girl is not so bad either) Regards Martin
    • 1 Mar 2019 7:27AM
  • Reed Warblers

    The award is given for the original, and v 3, for the sharpness, clarity and composition of the images, plus the fantastic ability to make them !!! Regards Martin
    • 1 Mar 2019 7:22AM
  • Long Tailed Tit

    At last I saved an award for you, and lucky that I did. .. This is an especially beautiful photo !! Regards Martin
    • 1 Mar 2019 7:15AM
  • Great crested grebe

    A magic photo indeed !! Regards Martin
    • 27 Feb 2019 2:17PM
  • Escape route please

    What a great photo !!! Regards Martin
    • 27 Feb 2019 2:15PM
  • Mmm I smell it

    Beautiful photo !! Is it the Skeleton coast ? Regards Martin
    • 27 Feb 2019 2:12PM
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  • A really beautiful portfolio, Terry ! What a pleasure and honour to look at it. Thanks for sharing. Regards Martin (fotobee)
  • A very lovely portfolio, Debbie !
    Best regards
  • Hi Dave Your bird portfolio is most impressive ! Regards Martin
  • Hi Veronique. You have a lovely portfolio, and it is a pleasure to view !! Regards Martin
    • Posted on Nouche's profile
    • 4 Aug 2016 4:43PM
  • Lovely !! Regards Martin
  • One lovely portfolio, Arnie. An inspiration to all of us. Regards Martin
    • Posted on arnieg's profile
    • 25 Jun 2016 4:23PM
  • Beautiful portfolio indeed, Lillian. An inspiration to all ! Regards Martin
    • Posted on Lillian's profile
    • 15 Jun 2016 10:04AM
  • A wonderful, wonderful portfolio !! I have sailed for many miles, double as well as singlehanded over Blue waters, and never thought of snorkelling ! But I love to see photo`s of someone who has. What put me off for good, was, when in Durban (South Africa) while cleaning the boat`s bottom amongst a line of moored boats, a ragged tooth shark, longer than about 12 foot, slowly swam past me at a distance of no more than 3 feet. The maximum depth under the keel was but 15 feet. I was out of that water like a Polaris missile on steroids, and vowed never to willingly go underwater again ! (heh heh) Regards Martin
    • Posted on Pollyjc's profile
    • 8 Feb 2016 4:41PM
  • What a beautiful portfolio, Jyotirmoy ! Regards Martin
  • Your photographs are an inspiration to us all !