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I am a Teaching Assistant who happens to love potography. I hope you enjoy looking at my photos and can't wait to read your comments. I'm always ready to receive advice that will hopefully improve my technique.
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  • Thanks Cathy, I've just bookmarked the link, incase all goes pear shaped tomorrow when I try printing again. of course it doesn't help when it's dark before I go to work and when I get back so don't have good light for checking the prints.

    Thanks again, fingers crossed I won't be back here tomorrow bugging you all again

  • Thanks for all your help. After all this time I think I may finally have sorted it by setting my printer profile to canon pro 9500 series sp1. It isn't 100% as the blues are very slightly saturated but having shown the pics to all my work colleagues not one of them could see difference. I'm very busy with work at the mo but will be having a play with it at the weekend so will be keeping my fingers crossed.

    Once again thanks for all your help and fingers crossed I won't be bleating on here at the weekend Smile

  • iMac printing from Photoshop (CS5)

    OK, its been two months now. I've calibrated my screen which appears to be fine, I've plugged the printer directly into my iMac, I've downloaded drivers suggested by Apple and canon, I've set printing to: photoshop manage colours, sRGB IEC1966-2.1 (tried others but none make a lot of difference), Relative Colorimetric. I've gone grey in what hair I have left after pulling it out but STILL the printed image is not what is on my screen. Skin tones have a sickly blue hue or beetroot as though they've been excercising, and cyans and blues are BLUE. I can no longer use the PC that I've used successfully for the past 3 years so I am really starting to worry now as two sets of friends have asked me to photograph their wedding which I agreed to, before I had this problem.

    Does anybody have any fresh ideas? I really am becoming desperate. I'd like to pay an expert to come and sort the prob out but don't know who to ask.

  • Thanks to everyone for your support. I'm still wading through all the advice given but hopefully will get things sorted soon!

  • I have now tried all the advice given but no luck. I didn't mention that I am printing through our network, the printer is not connected directly to my iMAC. I'm now wondering if this could be the problem. Also, looking online it appears you can download canon printer drivers. I don't know how to check which drivers my iMAC uses.
  • Thanks I'll look at your link
  • Proof colours is unticked. This is driving me scatty!!
  • Thanks Chris I'll give it a go. I've just tried printing out of photoshop by opening the file then file, print but I'm getting the same colour. I've just looked in my "about this mac" colour display and see there is a widget for Calibrate but I daren't click on it in case it causes me more problems. Do you think this will have anything to do with my prob as I don't have problems with my display, the photo looks exactly as it is on my camera? My printer by the way is a canon pro.
  • I've just checked my Pc which is also set to CMYK si I guess it can't be that unless Apple requires a different setting. My iMAC display is ATI RadeonHD 5670 512MB iMAC graphics and is on RGB space. I'm sorry this all appears disjointed but as I'm sure you are aware I'm not very technically minded.
  • Color management is set to - document
    Printer manages colors
    sRGB IEC1966-2.1

    I have just noticed working CMYK is my proof setup which seems odd. Should this be any different?
  • Thanks for replying. I will get all the information and come straight back to you.

  • Hi,
    I'm hoping someone can help me sort out my printing problems. I have finally made the change from PC to iMAC but am beginning to wish I hadn't. I absolutely love working on the iMAC but sadly I can't get it to print correctly. My prints are coming out yellowy. I've ended up using my iMAC to work on but print from my PC which is running on XP Pro. My husband is running a pc on XP but he also has problems with colour management. I've checked the photoshop CS5 printing settings are the same on both my PC and MAC and I have tried different display settings but to no avail. Please could anyone offer me some advice. I don't have the space to keep both computers running but am afraid to rely purely on my MAC.

    Many thanks for reading this
  • Sorry, ignore the above I have just found the exact question in a previous forum!!

  • Hi, I'm thinking of purchasing an ND Grad filter for my 24mm-105mm Canon lens (77mm). Does anyone have any advice as to which one I should buy. I'm going to Turkey shortly and would like to have a bash at some landscapes.

    Thanks - Fran
  • Thanks, on my way to it now.
  • I was considering doing an online pphotography course with "The Photography Institute" and was wondering if anyone has taken this course or knows of anyone who has.

    I would love to know your thoughts on the matter.

  • I think that says it all RedEyes! Thanks everyone for all your much appreciated comments

  • Thankyou to everyone for your input. To be honest I have no credable reason for wanting to change other than; whenever I have had any dealings with profesional photographers they always seam to use Nikon, which suggests they are the better option for whatever reason. I have heard the auto ISO change is a huge bonus and the nikon is better for fast multi shots.

  • Six years ago I took up photography and although I have never become a genius, I love it with a passion. However, I started with the Canon 350D then went up to the 40D and now have the 5DII. As you can imagine I have many thousands of pounds worth of equipment, all my lenses are canon.
    As I have slowely progressed and constantly questioned photographers about their equipment and setups I think I may have gone down the wrong road with Canon, maybe Nikon would have been the wiser choice.
    Has anyone made the change themselves having gained so much equipment for their canon/nikon and was it the right change as I can't imagine how much it will cost for me to change over!

  • The latest on my hardrive error. Sadly PC World could not retrieve my photos. However, they have said they can try one more option that would cost 700!!!!!
    Someone in our IT Dept. have offered to have a look for me, I haven't got anything to lose so I'll let you know how he gets on.

  • Thanks everyone, hubby took it to pc world while I was at work. They say it will be a week before we can collect it. All I can do is keep my fingers crossed.
    Watch this space in a weeks time it will either be Grin or Sad either way I 'll let you know

  • I guess it's going to be a trip to pc world. Thanks for your replies. It's been a lesson hard learned.

  • Many thanks for your reply. I have tried on several pc's. My hubby says he thinksthe files are on the drive but we just can't get to them. I'll have a look at dataclinic and in the meantime cry buckets and pull all my hair out!!

  • Help!!!

    I have an external hardrive and very stupidly have not backed my photos up.
    I used it last night with no problem then today for some unknown reason it took 5 mins to show on my computer but when I tried opening it, it wouldn't open and came up with not formatted.
    As you can imagine I am beside myself. Thousands of photos gone.
    Is there anyone who can help or knows of someone who can help. I have tried "TestDisk" and some other photo recovery download. My husband tried connecting the hard drive to another carriage all to no avail.
    If you can help I would be so very appreciative.

    A sad Fran Sad

  • Quote:I was just reading Jeff Ascoughs blog and he thinks it's definitely worth the upgrade. OK, he's a Canon ambassador but he seems genuinely keen on it for his weddings
    Did he by any chance say why, what would you be gaining by upgrading?

    I also have the Mark I and love it! As John said with the money you save you could put it towards something else. Lets face it there's always something us keen photographers want Wink

  • Hi Les, you'll love it here. I've been a member for a month or so and have learned so much from fellow members. Maybe one day you'll be teaching me lesson or two!
    I like the fact that everyone are friendly, helpful and honest.
    I look forward to seeing some more of your work your first is a winner!

  • Hi! I've only been a member for a month or so and love it!!! People are so kind and helpful. Yes you may get the odd criticism but it is always justified and explained, how else can we learn and I appreciate any comments left on my photos for that reason.


  • You haven't said if you intend to go commercial or if it's friends and family you're photographing weddings for. I agree with samfurlong re charging for a wedding you're not sure about the basics, however we all have to start somewhere so as long as you are using friends and family to practice on (as a guest and not the sole photographer) you learn by experience.
    I did my first wedding last year and used my canon 24mm-105mm it was perfect for the job. I also used my 100mm which produced some great close-ups.
    I have to say I was so nervous setting off for my first wedding shoot but the results were worth it and the couple now have some (so they say) amazing wedding pics to look back on. So keep asking questions and practising because it can be very rewarding.

  • I must admit I've never used live view, maybe I should give it a go!
  • Thanks Ian. I would probably agree with you regarding the random comment and yes I do tend to favour the portaiture but really want to diversify.

    Thanks for looking at my portfolio, it's much appreciated