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  • Can anyone tell me if a YN560-TX Transmitter will work with my Olympus OM-D E-M1, if so which model would I purchase, the Canon or Nikon model?
  • Has anyone used the Panasonic 100-400 lens, if so what is your opinion (I have a OM-D E-m1)
  • Hi
    Can anyone explain to me how to assign a function button to store my studio settings on my OM1?, I can find how to assign a single setting but not multiple settings.
  • I have looked deeper into Yongnuo and there are mixed reports on Amazon, some are not good at all!!
  • Thanks for the info and advice, I'm not worried about TTL as I much prefer manual control; I had a lot of success with my old Sony/Minolta gear in Manual.
  • I have a E-M1 and want buy two flash guns and a wireless transmitter, I have been looking at the Cactus system and Yongnuo. Has anyone any experience with of these two makes.
  • I am about to buy an Olympus 14-150 lens (Non pro) anyone had any experience with this lens? Comments please.
  • I have bought a Olympus OMD-EM1 camera with three lenses two of which have money back offers and I got a free grip.

    I must say that I am very pleased with my purchases and I am having some fun with the equipment, I part exchanged all my Sony/Minolta gear at SRS microsystems in Watford who gave me a very good deal against the EM1.

    All in all a good decision.
  • Thanks everyone for your comments which I have taken on board, I have looked at the Sony A6000 but it does not have tethering which is one of the gripes I have with Sony with my A77.

    Fuji have now come up with the XT-10 which I might have a look at when it is released.

  • To Olympus users

    I currently own a Sony A77 Camera and lenses, but because of Arthritis find them too heavy and want to change to a lighter CSC camera and am looking at the Olympus OMD-E5 Mk2 and the Fuji XT1.

    My question to Olympus users is will the Micro Four Thirds 16 Mega Pixel sensor take sharp images, as My Sony A77 is a 24.3MP sensor it will allow a certain amount of cropping will the 16MP allow much.

    My Photo preferences are Macro, Studio and some sports shots and my choice of Lenses would be the 60mm Macro. the 70-300 zoom for sports shots and a lens for every day shooting (Perhaps someone would recommend something)

    My concern is that I will be going backwards in terms of resolution and as this is a complete change of equipment would be disappointed in the results.

    Other questions- What would be better, the E5 Mk2 or the E1 and are there any Olympus days anywhere so I could try the cameras out.

    Thanks in advance