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A quick view of FrankRobinson's recent activity.

  • Another Group shot - Sadly NOT PIN SHARP

    Quote:Recording media: RAW (digital)

    Quote:Currently I Use PS CS5, and I have not yet started to "sharpen" the images, been watching tutorials online to see the best way to sharpen images.

    I think that this might be your problem, right there. Shooting in RAW will not give you as sharp an image straight out of camera as shooting in JPEG. Fact. Why? RAW is designed for the professional who wants to control how the image is sharpened, while the software in your camera will sharpen JEPGs automatically.

    If you are shooting in RAW, you have to do some post processing, inclusing sharpening in order to make the image look good - but if you do it right, it will look far better than if you had taken a JPEG in the first place. If you are not sharpening RAW images in your post processing, you will fail.

    Hope that helps.
    • 16 Jun 2011 2:52PM
  • leaf

    Coming over from the forums, this shot is a classic case in point where a little (not much!) work in photoshop or something similar could yeild some serious benefits.

    The composition is really nice - offset, three areas of interest and some lovely lines and textures, but it all needs a touch of 'wow' to grab the eye. In photo slang, it needs to 'pop' more. Mainly this means that it needs contrast adjustments to make it all a little more three dimensional. It would also benefit (as do almost all shot straight from camera) from a little sharpening.

    I would then be tempted to take the glare down a touch and darken the background bottom left and right, but that is really a question of artistic taste.

    Another 'taste' thing, since this is pretty much all the same colour, I would be very tempted to try it in black and white - that would make the viewer really concentrate on the texture and structure, which are really rather good in this shot.

    Of course all of this is just one person's opinion! Have fun with the new lens.
    • 13 May 2011 1:44PM
  • Rooms With A View

    Excellent job on the exposure - it is about perfect! The composition is nice with the river leading in from the right and you have superb depth of field. The subject matter does not grab me, but that is not really relevant here!
    • 7 Sep 2010 4:36PM
  • what do you see 2

    Clearly digital art rather than photography, not my speciality! Nicely balanced composition, but perhaps it would benefit if the eyes were sharper? Nice idea!
    • 7 Sep 2010 4:34PM
  • Venturing Out

    From the lighting to the composition (and excellent modelling!) this is just lovely.
    • 7 Sep 2010 4:33PM
  • Sunset

    Tricky subject to shoot - too light and you lose the sky, too dark you lose the ground. This is definitely an area where HDR will help. I would be interested to know what settings you used here to get blur on the left, and sharpness on the right - was it windy? There is potential here for a really lovely shot.
    • 7 Sep 2010 4:32PM
  • Urban Landscape

    Interesting use of a low contrast, desaturated image to convey a sense of 'greyness' and finality without going to BW. Good job!
    • 7 Sep 2010 4:29PM

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