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I got started in Photography years and years ago with an all manual Miranda (anyone remember them?) then saved my pennies to get myself a Minolta Dynax 8000i (at the time, it was Minolta's top of the range non pro SLR) which I still have. I kind of drifted away from Photography for a few years as other hobbies came and went but then got interested again when Digital cameras became slightly more affordable and I had some spare time. I started off with a Fuji 6900 and then upgraded to an S602z Pro (mainly for the PC socket - I have some studio flash heads that I use occasionally)
Now upgraded again to the S20 Pro - I think I need help!

Well - the MF bug has well and truly bitten now, I decided that 645 wasn't big enough and got myself a Mamiya RZ67 Pro II - Another camera to get the hang of !!
As if MF isn't enough, I had to go and get into LF too - I'm now the proud owner of a Sinar F1.

I'll photograph pretty much anything that takes my fancy - Still life, wildlife, whatever (I tend not to take portraits for some reason - not had a willing model I guess) and I find I'm having much more fun with my photography these days.

If you want to email me - frank@ftphoto.com should get there - you will need to put ePhotozine somewhere in the subject to stop the spam filter from deleting it


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