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A quick view of FrankThomas's recent activity.

  • Morning shave

    Good lord! Now there's a name I haven't seen in a very long time!
    Don't tell me you have finally been bitten by the digital bug Ceri?
    • 18 Sep 2015 7:04PM
  • Begonia II

    Thanks very much Smile
    • 20 Jul 2014 8:58PM
  • RAF Stenigot

    Very nice - there's a palpable sense of decay about them
    (How sad is it that I could pretty much read the morse!)
    • 16 Mar 2014 11:11PM
  • Conetrast

    Hi Nathan, thanks very much for the comment. I did actually take a few at F8 to get a bit more DOF but I kind of prefer the ones like this Smile
    • 25 Feb 2014 9:04PM
  • Half Light Half Plate

    I'm going to have to dig out my black velveteen at this rate and get some low key stuff going.
    Give my regards to Mr Daniels as well Smile
    • 18 Feb 2014 8:04PM

    I've become a big fan of low key lighting - that's pretty damn fabulous. Hope nothing blows away in the storms!
    • 14 Feb 2014 7:10PM
  • String Theory III

    Quote:I love it.. it is very engaging.. just an observation: the shape is square and so a little squarish frame would have suited it a little better.. just my personal opinion, nothing more..

    I see what you mean - I have been toying with frames of various types on an off so you never know Smile
    • 11 Feb 2014 7:15PM
  • Interesting PF. Very abstract work, you certainly have a good imagination
    • Posted on Gray22's profile
    • 17 Apr 2006 1:59PM
  • Hi Donna. You might not understand the lighting buzzwords but you are very good at what you do. Very nice portfolio
  • your flower photos are excellent. They make me want to go out and get snapping
    • Posted on turtle1's profile
    • 17 Apr 2006 2:05PM
  • You have an amazing portfolio K. You have this photography lark cracked that's for sure
  • I do like your landscapes. You seem to have the knack of bringing out the best in them
    • Posted on jeanie's profile
    • 17 Apr 2006 2:02PM
  • Very nice PF. I do like the flower shots but I'm a sucker for a well taken photo of a plant
    • Posted on ghibby's profile
    • 17 Apr 2006 1:52PM