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Have always been interested in Photography ever since I started using my Fathers Canon Rangefinder in the early 70's. I saved up and bought a rolieflex SL35E when Rollie went into the hands of the recievers for the bargain price of 99 with an f1.8 plannar lens. This camera produced superb images and was the love of my life; unfortunately it was stolen in a burglary.
From the money I got on insurance I invested in the then newly release Nikon FE2 - and my love affair with Nikon started then.
Whilst at school I made a small amount of money from selling pictures and was comissioned by a friends father to photograph his Penny Farthing collection for a book he was writing. I also learnt darkroom techniques from books and ended up prefering printing to photographing.
A recent house move left me with no room for a darkroom so the switch to digital was innevitable. All the film equipment was sold and a Nikon D2h was purchased in December 2003.
After a lengthy break from Photography I have recently enjoyed taking pictures again and purchased a second hand Nikon D3 which I am extremely pleased with.


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