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Read about ePHOTOzine in an article in last weekend's YOU Magazine and thought I'd take a look.Sounded just the site I'm looking for....and need!
I have looked at just a few photos on the site and am very impressed, what a high standard, but what an inspiration!
Feel rather inadequate with my wee Canon IXUS 80 IS.....I just point and snap.....I don't even know how to use most of the settings.
Please feel free to view my portfolio and share your views with me. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
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  • Hiidenvesi sunset.

    Beautiful images. Colour and mood are atmospheric. Smile
    • 27 Jul 2013 9:21AM
  • Old City, Budva, Montenegro

    Thanks again Dave for the comment and mod of photo.
    Thanks too Jeff for your b & W version.
    This help is much appreciated!
    • 17 Jul 2013 10:52PM
  • Budva, Montenegro

    Thanks Dave. Those floats were really annoying and I couldn't seem to get a shot without them in the photo!
    • 15 Jul 2013 2:53PM
  • Thomas Loving Life

    Full of character. Lovely photogragh.
    • 13 Jun 2013 11:23PM
  • Fife Moon Rising

    Beautiful! In Kirkcaldy and must take more shots of the moon over The Forth. Sorry no technical comments. Just love the atmosphere,
    • 13 Jun 2013 11:17PM
  • Swedish west coast sunset

    One word. Beautiful.
    • 13 Jun 2013 11:11PM
  • Skye Stroll

    Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for your modification. It 'lifts' the original and adds definition and detail! Smile
    My sister and brother in law owned a piece of land near where the photo was taken for a few years and had a caravan there Easter to Oct...'If you feel the caravan rocking in the night' ,Mary said, 'It'll be a sheep or two rubbing themselves on the caravan'.

    They would have loved to build a house there, but planning permission was difficult to get.
    I have a view from the caravan in my portfolio.

    Before the bridge was built, I spent a couple of nights in Portree and drove around the island, lots to see......and capture on camera.
    • 10 Jun 2013 6:30PM
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  • Beautiful images. These are the kind of photograghs I love to look at and hope, one day, to capture myself, I keep trying. The Australian photograghs from the Northern Territory....the bilabong...bring back memories of my visit there. Keep capturing these lovely images!