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11/02/2012 - 6:25 PM


Hamming!first of all, congrats for the GEA!
a great shot and a great treatment.
I'm with Anne and Moira here regarding the sharpness, definitely an over estimated feature in these days pictures.
as per the crop, I think it's really important here to have both shoulders visible. Maybe, but I don't know if it's possible, I would rather add something to the top of frame. In this way the gaze would point straight to the upper right corner, making the composition more accurate, so to speak

05/02/2012 - 9:37 PM

In the waiting room

In the waiting roomreally like the grain and the low point of view.
an excellent treatment.
glad to see many things in your picture

The Secret Life of the glossy ragI really like your composition choice and the splash of light on the rag.
well seen
25/01/2011 - 10:12 PM

Town Hall Square

Town Hall Squarebeautiful sense of depth,Ellie and the cyan cast gives really the feeling of how cold the night was.
may I suggest just a couple of minor things to improve the picture: the first one is to crop a bit on the left side in order to have the power line in the top corner entering the picture exactly where the corner is and the second one is to clone out the branches right in the middle of the RH side, they are a bit distracting IMO.
But, as I said, are minor things.

I wonder what the tram driver thought seeing you in the middle of the tracks Smile

06/11/2010 - 2:52 PM

On the beach

On the beachHi Alison,
I quite like picture like this because there are few different elements and a ripetitive pattern.
The first thing I'd say is that the horizon needs to be horizontal. Not always it is immediate to see it in the pathfinder or on the LCD, but it is something that can be fixed quickly in any of the SW available for pictures editing.
the second issue that I found distracting is the rope in FG. I know, it was there, but if it was not possible to find a different position or angle which doesn't include it, you can always remove it in post-processing. I know is cheating, but some pictures need some help and in this case I would consider it a minor thing.
the final consideration is more about composition. I think the pebbles in foreground are a bit too dominant. I reckon that the bases of the chairs are in the correct lower third, but in fact the dominant line made by the chairs is slightly higher. So I would crop off a bit the lower part.
In the mod I've summed up all my considerations.
Hope it helps
23/10/2010 - 8:46 AM

legs & heels

legs & heelsbeautiful tones.
maybe a few pixels more in the bottom part to include the shoes would make this even better
10/10/2010 - 1:04 PM

Arid Africa

Arid AfricaHi Neil,
what a beautiful place! It reminds me of some of Nick Brandt's pictures of Africa (just google his name in internet, if you don't know his work)
I don't see any problem with deliberately ignoring the ROT, although I'd check out how the impact would change with different crops (cropping most of the sky to enhance the impact of the skeleton in FG, or viceversa emphasize the dramatic sky, by cropping the FG).
The main issue with this picture is the lack of contrast which flatten the sky and makes the gnu's (or whatever they are) barely visible.
I would also suggest to convert it in B&W, since colors here are not so significant.

hope it helps
08/10/2010 - 2:28 PM

Backstreet Bins

Backstreet BinsHi Neill,
first of all welcome to EPZ! Hope you'll enjoy the site.

I like the idea behind your picture, and there is a great potential, IMO.
One of the issue I see is the quite dark FG with the reflection in the puddle barely visible, and in general the picture is a bit underexposed.
I see you shoot in RAW, so it is easy to correct this.
the other issue is the position of the "horizon" which is nor central neither in the upper third. I would suggest to crop the upper part to rise the horizon.
Finally, despite the title the more evident part in the picture is that gray thing (I've no idea what is it) in the upper part of the picture. Bins are not really visible except for the red one. Maybe "Backstreet" would have been a better title.
In the mod, I've tried to show my thoughts and sorry for not replicating the frame. Smile
In the second mod, just a conversion in B&W

hope it helps

02/10/2010 - 11:41 PM


I really like V1 and V3 in this series.
V1 has a great potential, with the people almost lined up and standing out of the crowd in the BG.
the main issue I see in this series is the lack of contrast (both in tones and colors), and all the pictures appear quit flat.
You don't give us infos about how the pictures were taken, so it is difficult to say why.
For V1 I'd suggest to increase the contrast and to convert it in B&W since the color is not adding too much (see mod).
V2 doesn't look really appealing since it is lacking a subject, something that catch the eye.
In V3, besides the lack of contrast, the not complete shadow of the two persons detracts something to what could be an interesting composition.
For this one in particular, for the future I would suggest to use a larger aperture to have a shallower DOF so to bring out better the main subject from the BG.

Hope it helps


10/09/2010 - 10:57 PM


EquiperingI really like this picture.
There is a lot going on here! and for me it is exactly what make the picture work.
there is a picture in the picture and in this picture there is a mirror with a girl.
And there is a mirror in the window shop, with a girl reflecting in and in the Bg other people.
And behind those people another shop with mannequines.
Everything is packed really thight, but there is a sort of equilibrium between all these parts.
My only suggestion is to crop the upper RH corner which is the only "empty" part and reveals the inner side of the shop.
Have done a mod.

well seen and thought out

28/08/2010 - 12:53 PM


DIVORCEvery thoughts provoking!
the choice of aperture is perfect and I really love the texture on the paper.
conceptually, I see a discrepancy between the title and the suspension points, which make me think to something not completly definitive.
Maybe an "adieu" would have made the image even stronger.
20/08/2010 - 12:44 PM

10,000 Km2 of salt

10,000 Km2 of saltHi Mike,
really like your picture and the POV as well as composition.
it really gives the sense of desert and desolation.
In your version, I see a little cyan/magenta cast that can be easily fixed in PS (see mod 1) or any other post-processing software.
I've uploaded also another mod which is a B&W version of your picture.
In this one, I've applied a High pass filter to sharpen the overall picture (especially the FG, maybe a little bit too much) and played a bit with the color cursor in the B&W layer (everything made in PS3), finally added a soft sepia toning.
I believe, but it is matter of personal taste, that it's a bit more drammatic and the feeling of an open wide space is more evident
Hope it helps
best regards
18/08/2010 - 2:34 PM

Bonded Labour

Bonded LabourBesides what has been said so far, I think the picture looks a bit flat and this is due firstly to a lack in the highlights (there are not white points) and secondly to a low contrast; in other words the tonal range is not completely exploited.
In the mod I've expanded the tonal range and increased the contrast (everything made in PS3), plus used the dodging tool (8%) on the face.
hope it helps
13/07/2010 - 8:21 AM

Wedding Party

Wedding PartyHi Sid,
the first thing I noted from the thumbnail is that the picture was leaning on the right. Since there are many vertical lines, the effect is quite evident and a bit disturbing.
The second evident aspect is that the core of the picture, the brides maids, are quite dark and few details of their dress are visible. In a highly contrasted picture like this, rely on autoexposure may not be the best choice, since the detail in the shadow are lost and it is difficult to recover them in post production.
A final remarks is about the cyan cast, really evident in this picture. It's a matter of personal taste, but in this case it doesn't look appropriate. it reminds more of cooling sensation or emotion which is in contrast with a marriage.
In the mod, I've tilted a bit to have vertical lines vertical, the FG has been burned trying to recover some details from the shadow and the BG dodged to render it less eye catching.
hope it helps
06/07/2010 - 1:36 PM


Prostrationreally like it!
not really a fan of nude picture (too often it is a way to show off nudity without beiing art, personal opinion obviously, i'm not an artist), but in this case the elegance of the pose hit my eye.
partially disagree with Johnnyboy114 about the floor. It reminds me of a dark sea with the person looking deeply into it.

great shot
01/07/2010 - 4:58 PM

Pétanque (French Bowls)

Pétanque (French Bowls)Hi Kevin,
street photography is one of the most difficult task of this art, IMO, since it is really difficult to control all the aspects such as comp, timing and so on.
In your picture, the tonal range is complete and also the shadows mantain detail so the exposure is "correct".
The main issue with this picture is that there are too many thinghs and the eye continuosly move from one part to another, without stopping on the subject.
One of the reason is the DOF, you've probably used a large f number since almost everything is in focus and this is distracting. Perhaps, it would have been better to have a larger aperture (4-5.6) focused 1-1.5 meter before the man throwing the ball, in this way the BG (particularly the other persons) would have been blurred.
A final consideration is about the POV. There's a vertical line "connecting" the two balls in FG, the flying ball and the man. The overall impression is quite static.
Having the chance, It could have been better to shot from a different angle (just moving 2-3 meters on the left) in order to have a diagonal line starting from the man's hand in the upper LH corner and ending at the two still balls in the bottom RH corner.
In mod, after a square crop to enphasise the subject, I've blurred the BG and the FG (the two balls) to "simulate" a different f aperture.
hope it helps
30/06/2010 - 2:18 PM

new life

new lifeHi Lloyd,
it's a nice shot taken from a good point of view.
Here are my comments.
The overall picture looks underexposed and the small beautiful hand quite flat, lacking contrast.
You don't report the f number you used, but it seems to be quite low judging from the shallow DOF. It's obviously a personal choice but in this case I'd have preferred a slightly greater DOF such to have the whole (or at least most of) hand in focus.
As per the comp, the subject is placed right in the middle, but the rest of the picture is not driving the eye to the subject. In these cases I'd go for a square format, cropping out everything which is not "necessary".
In the mod, I've applied a high pass filter (to increase the microcontrast), adjusted the contrast increasing the highlight a bit and, evidently, cropped the image. (everything made in PS3)
hope it helps
23/06/2010 - 3:50 PM

Stone Village Children

Stone Village ChildrenI'd like to add some considerations.
I mostly agree with the comments already made regarding composition (different POV, use of a different lens to avoid wall distortion, etc...) with an exception: I would not get rid of the garbage either digitally or by making move the four kids.
In Focus_man mod everything is "perfect" (no garbage on the right, no half old motorcycle on the left) but the original message is completely upset.
It seems that the kids are happy in a decent enviroment, whereas in the original picture the message was even stronger: we are happy, regardless of the enviroment we live.
In fact my eye is distracted by the surrounding, but it comes always back to the beautiful smiles of the kids.
I'd consider this picture as reportage or photojournalism showing different life conditions, in which the message has to be stronger than compositional rules (which, I know, are really important in photography).
In other words, I'd prefer to close a bit my eyes on compositional and aesthetics rules rather than on the social and human messagge of this picture.
best regards
22/06/2010 - 1:35 PM


HOLI 4 (PASSION OF HOLI)beautiful!
just a thought that crossed my mind.
The yesterday's upload was a thinking man and the orientation from right to left made me think at the past.
In this one, I see a man screaming but somehow it seems that the scream bounces back from left to right remaining in the frame of picture.
I wonder if the scream can exit the frame if you invert the right with the left.
as I said before, just thoughts
really impressive work, in any case
22/06/2010 - 7:13 AM

Feather Lite

Feather LiteI like the high key processing.
not sure about the impact of the girl's shadow.