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Thanks for looking. Please leave a comment whether you like my images or not, I'm always happy to receive constructive critique
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Guess it's time to update the profile. Many years ago I was given a box brownie and I learned how to develop my images in my grandfathers diy lab Wink I was a point and shoot photograper for years. Developing film became so expensive, I more or less gave up other than holiday snaps. Then along came digital and I bought a Canon 350D and a whole new world of photography opened up. I still use the kit lens (can't afford a better one) and joined this site.

Hopefully my portfolio will demonstrate my improvement (or lack of it). I have taken a course in portraiture and studio photography but still have lots to learn.
Some shots in the profile now reflect some of the areas I worked on at the college. All feedback gratefully received. If you look through the portfolio, critiques on the portraits is particularly welcome as this is the area I was studying

What am I looking for from this site? - genuine advice when I'm getting it wrong


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